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Pack Work Lunches for Two

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

scramble work lunches for two

In all honesty I am usually packing at least 5 lunches each day but this usually includes 2 adult work lunches, 1 for my husband and 1 for me. It is actually just as easy to pack 2 lunches as it is to pack 1. After all, I already have all the ingredients and items out to pack 1 lunch, why wouldn’t I just pack 2? Five however? That is a whole different story lol. Most days my husband and I have identical lunches although sometimes I mix up the sides as I have done here. If I wasn’t packing for someone else, packing lunch for “2″ would give me 2 days worth of lunches for pretty much the effort of 1! Mixing up the sides will help keep the lunch interesting on the second day. I think the time saving benefit is pretty clear!

So you can pack lunch for two people or two days!

The lunch in today’s post is a simple, meatless, breakfast scramble. I scrambled onions, spinach, seasonings and eggs in cooking spray, then mixed in some cheese before I pulled them off the burner. I tossed a generous handful of raw spinach arugula mix into my Easylunchboxes container before adding my scramble mix. I topped with diced raw tomatoes. When the lunch is reheated the spinach arugula mix and tomatoes will par cook.  I finished off each with half a slice of buttered toast. We actually use real butter in moderation as opposed to a butter substitute. You could totally add a meat if you prefer, I just felt the eggs were enough protein for us on this day!

Each lunch contains similar sides.

  • My husband’s has pretzels (Snyder’s Gluten-Free) and strawberries.
  • Mine has strawberries, blackberries, carrots and sugar snap peas.

Gluten-free? Simply leave out the toast or swap for a gluten-free bread!


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Sandwich Rolls for Lunch

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

sandwich rolls

There are so many options to put in your lunchbox! Just browse the web and you’ll see! I myself have spent much time exploring all the options but sometimes it is ok to just pack a sandwich! Let’s face it, this is a tried and true simple lunch solution, right? One that tends to satisfy both kids and adults alike! It doesn’t take much thought and it is something most of us have in the kitchen!

My new Lunchbots Cinco did get me thinking however, how can I pack an entire sandwich in one compartment? My solution? The sandwich roll! Yes, that compartment contains 2 slices of bread, 2 slices of turkey, spinach/arugula lettuce mix and a little mayo. I used a rolling pin to flatten each slice of bread, spread each with mayo, layered with turkey and lettuce, rolled each up and slice into thirds. My sandwich now fits perfectly into one compartment. You could cut the crust off and spend time making your rolls a little neater if you like! I just kept it simple!

This lunch also contains organic baby carrots, blackberries and strawberries, a mandarin orange (aka a “halo”) and gluten-free Snyder’s brand pretzels. My bread here does contain gluten so this lunch is not gluten-free. We do however tend to have an abundance of gluten-free snacks in the house for my youngest who is gluten intolerant.


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Simple Southwestern Salad

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

simple southwestern salad

We’ve had a change to our schedule with our little guy Evan recently starting developmental preschool 3 mornings per week. My wonderful husband, who has a bit more flexibility with his schedule that I, now waits for Evan to finish morning preschool before going to work. As a result he now gets home well after dinner time on those particular nights. Now add in the beginning of Little League season for my 12 year old and it has become evident to me that our dinner time schedule will need to be a little more casual on many nights. Which means a lot more simple! It doesn’t make sense after all to prepare a big family meal on nights when everyone is eating on a different schedule!

This was the first week I really shopped to our new schedule buying things that are meant to be eaten cold or that can be prepared in small portions or even individually portioned. The idea of simple dinner salads and sandwiches that can be thrown together quickly was the approach I decided to take. Given that the weather is finally warming up in these parts it is not a bad time to start eating lighter! These items can also be made in advance and easily packed if we have to run straight out to the baseball field!

Today’s Easylunchboxes container includes:

  • Southwestern salad: sliced medley of tomatoes, spinach, arugula, chicken, blackbeans and corn (a southwestern salad dressing will be included)
  • Plums, kiwi and green grapes
  • salt & pepper bagel chips

If you are an avocado fan be sure to include some in your salad. Although I don’t hate avocado, I don’t really love it either! It would have been just perfect here however with a slice of lime! This will be great for dinner and of course lunch!


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