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3 for 3 Challenge Live for 12/2/12!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

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O’ Christmas Tree

Thursday, November 29th, 2012


Today’s featured lunch I made for my husband. He has been working some pretty late hours recently to finish a project at his office by December 1st. The kids and I have missed seeing him and I know he has been missing us! Today’s lunch, well actually his dinner, I hope will remind him that the holiday break is almost here! Soon our family will be gathered around the Christmas tree celebrating the spirit of the season!

My Christmas tree is actually a cucumber sandwich. The base is whole wheat French bread sliced in half. I spread on a generous layer of an herbed spreadable cheese and then topped with sliced cucumbers. I added details of carrot lights, a pretzel trunk and a cheese star using additional herbed cheese spread. My family loves snacks and today’s “lunch” has some great ones including lightly salted almonds, apple slices and veggie straws. This lunch is served in an Easylunchboxes container.


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Snow Bear in There!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012


I have to admit I am finding quite a bit of inspiration in the pending winter and Christmas season! Making these festively themed lunches is bringing me so much joy! With 27 more days to go before Christmas is here I can only hope I don’t burn myself out of ideas before then!

To be honest I originally set out to build a 3 tiered snowman for today’s lunch. It became evident after 2 tiers that 3 would be too tall. After looking over my lunch packing tools I spotted the bear face and decided the sandwich would instead be a snow bear! Many of my lunches are pretty simple to put together but today’s did require some effort. In all I used 5 mini cutters (moon, star, circle, snowflake and winter hat) and 1 bear face stamp. I also decided that this would be 3 year old Trevor’s lunch since a snow bear might be a bit cutesy for 10 year old Brendan!

The winter hat is cut from a red bell pepper (skin side is down against the bread) and pretzels are used for the bear’s arms and legs. He is laying in a bed of snow… okay Oogie’s Popcorn actually almost as if making a snow angel! Apple snowflakes, clementine clouds and a cheese moon adorn the sky. It is a bit of a concept I know but squint and you’ll see it! Maybe? ;) Finally a cheese star is on the bear’s belly. I wished I had a candy cane food pick for the bear to hold! This lunch is served in a Lunchbots Duo.


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