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Executive Lunchbox

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Executive Gourmet Lunch

Somewhere around age 20 or so I got my first “professional” job. I began working as a receptionist and have worked since then throughout administration, finance, customer service, sales and marketing. For the past 7 plus years I have been employed as a Sales & Marketing Specialist for the same corporation. In all this time, I have come to realize as so many ensconced in Corporate America have, that the concept of a lunch “hour” is mostly fictional.

Often times when you are part of a scaled down staff, pressed with a heavy workload and tight deadlines you are truly lucky to even get a 15 minute “mental break” at your desk. The reality is often you end up eating and working because you feel obligated and pressured to do so. This is the expectation of the salaried employee after all, right? We can all only hope that we are doing what we love on our quest for that regular paycheck! I look around my cubicle city every day and know I am not alone! :) How about you?

That is of course, you eat and work if you were smart enough to bring your lunch! So yes, this is the way it is, even for me. I admit I slow down a bit and perhaps have a little less focus while I eat but I keep going!

Type, type, bite, type, type, bite!

It helps to have really great food in times like these. A lunch that is easy to eat and packed with nutrition to keep you going and make you feel like a company executive whether you are or not! A lunch that will almost make you feel like you did have a lunch “hour”! OK maybe that is a stretch but I guarantee you will feel better after you have a proper lunch!

I have nicknamed my lunch featured in this post the “Executive Lunchbox”. Packed in my beautiful stainless steel Lunchbots Trio like a gourmet, catered meal ordered in.

This lunchbox is full of variety and contains:

  • 3 Veggie dumplings purchased in the sushi department of my local grocer.
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Colby Jack and Wisconsin Cheddar cheese along with veggie crackers
  • Kiwi, sliced nectarine and 1 whole strawberry
  • Served with low sodium soy sauce on the side

Do you have a heartier appetite? The Lunchbots Trio is now available in a larger “adult” size which is 60% bigger.


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Pair of Punch-Outs!

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

punch out star

My son Brendan is a math whiz, baseball playing, Madden 2013 addict. He is also 11 years old and has reached the age where cutesy lunches are embarrassing to him. Sigh, nothing lasts forever and I do have 2 younger children who I can pack cute lunches for whenever my heart desires ;) ! lol

Still sometimes I exercise my mother’s right and attempt to add a small fun detail – just one detail, nothing over the top! I swear! The punch-out sandwich is a great simple, fun detail and didn’t get me in any trouble with my son! The 2 photos in the post are examples.

Lunch #1 (pictured above) is served in a Lunchbots Trio container and includes: a punch-out star sandwich (peanut butter only for Mr. Picky!), fresh strawberries and snap pea crisps.

Lunch #2 (pictured below) is served in a Leaflet Tight container and includes: a punch-out sun sandwich (peanut butter only, did I mention he is picky?), fresh mango and pretzel thins.

You may be pondering that this is not be enough food for an 11 year old boy… some would say. My son has a very short lunch period and tends to socialize at this time. He makes up for it with a mid-morning school snack and an after school snack once he gets home so trust me he is well fed. Do however include more food as appropriate for your family member!


punch out sun



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Bread is my canvas!

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Bread is my canvas, my medium, my muse… yes, I said bread!  While I try to fill my lunch boxes with vibrant natural colors and variety, the sandwich is often my piece de resistance. Some people like to scrapbook (OK I like that too) but since I rarely have a large slot of time to dive into paper projects, I settle for an extra 5-10 minutes a day on arranging my lunch boxes. I can use cookie cutters and bread stamps on my sandwiches in the same way you would shape paper for a themed scrapbook page. It really is a great creative outlet!

Lately I have found that I tend to create little scenes on my sandwiches as if the bread really were a canvas. How intricate I make it depends on how much time I have. The sandwich above was first cut with a crinkle biscuit cutter. I then stamped the image of 2 bunnies on one slice before I assembled my sandwich. If I had time I might have added a small heart cut from cheese or fruit leather between the 2 bunnies or perhaps a flower (for the spring theme). The bunny that I used is a stamp that is actually made to cut mini bunny shaped sandwiches but I like to use the stamps and cutters in different ways. Cookie cutters will stamp an image on bread if  you simply don’t press down as hard!

Many people would say a canvas also cries out for color. You could add sprinkles inside of a cutout (called fairy sandwiches) or use food markers to create a picture. I however made a decision some time ago to minimize the amount of artificial additives I feed my family so I typically do not add color in that way. Instead, I push myself to be creative with color in other ways! I mentioned cheese and fruit leather already but sometimes I use the darker heel of the bread, a couple of mini chocolate chips or pieces of carrot. Cream cheese, honey, mayo or peanut butter can all be used to adhere small pieces to your sandwich scene if necessary.

I think you should try to create a sandwich scene of your own but I know some may say it is too complex, not realistic or too time consuming. If you think so then simply take it back to basics and just cut the crust off! The natural colors and variety of this lunch box still make it fun!

Besides the creative sandwich this lunch is packed in a Lunchbots Trio container and also includes:

  • Trader Joe’s Organic PB Cracker sandwiches
  • Kiwi and mini grapes
  • broccoli florettes


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