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Another 1,2,3 Lunch to go!

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Recently I wrote a short post about the idea of 1,2,3 simple lunch packing. This is really my fall back lunch plan on most days! If I have leftovers I start there but I actually wanted to save last night’s dinner leftovers for dinner tonight so I had to scratch that. So I went with the ultimate lunch fall back… the sandwich. I did have a pound of turkey in the fridge after all! The basic premise of 1.2.3 packing is well, there are 3 compartments in my trusty Easylunchboxes container, I just fill them!

1. Main course (protein and grain)- Many a day this would be leftovers but today it is a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread.

2. Veggie/Fruit – today’s mix is nectarines and mini cucumbers.

3. Crunchy snack – Cheese and crackers today (leftover from a weekend event).

Short sweet post today! I seem to have caught a bad cold from my little ones!

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