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Yay Back to School Day!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

I think we all survived! It wasn’t pretty but we all got out the door this morning in one piece… barely! The day is not over yet but I think I can claim victory! Now I’m just dying to say hello pillow!

Our school year was christened with a morning of chaos… a crazy traffic-filled drop-off, a crying toddler and one frazzled Mommy and Daddy! Later we had some panic involving a wasp in the house and a bus that arrive home an hour late! I know there will be a mound of paperwork to fill out tonight and of course fundraisers to start. Don’t worry I know each day will be better as we settle back into our school year routines! I do look forward to sitting down at the dinner table and learning the little details of their day that they hopefully will disclose (even if I have to pull it out of them)!

I was very excited to pack a special lunch for Brendan today. Actually I think every lunch I pack is special but today I packed him a themed lunch. I don’t do a lot of themed lunches so that made it extra special. Like most 10 year old boys he is a fan of Super Mario video games. While I didn’t want to tackle an actual edible Mario I felt certain I could muster out a passable Super Mario World! So drum roll please…


Brendan’s lunch included an Invincible Star sandwich cut using a Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Cutter. A Mushroom which in the game restores your health carved out of an apple. A couple of Fire Flowers aka strawberries and cucumber peel on a food pick, some Mario currency in the form of gold chocolate coins, cucumber cubes on mustache food picks along with some snap peas, Pirate Booty and raisins! So do you think my nod to Super Mario World is a success? Well, he did and that makes it worth it! Here is a close up of the details:


I know I was focused on this task BUT yes, I packed lunch for the rest of us too!

Toddler Lunch of the Day:
Pizza left over from our last day of summer vacation celebration, grapes, 2 whole wheat Fig Newtons and snap pea crisps!

Grown up and Highschool Lunches Included:
Leftover pizza, carrot chips, snap peas, grapes, bagel chips with Laughing Cow cream cheese.


So how was your first day back?


Back to School Countdown…

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

We live in New Hampshire. The summer weather usually arrives a little later here then in many other parts of the country. Kids here generally get out of school in late June and go back to school at the very end of August or the first week of September. This year it is August 29th so the countdown is on! 3 more days…

So we’ve done the usual things:

  • Back to school clothes shopping… check!
  • Back to school supply shopping… check!
  • Backpacks are standing ready… check!
  • AND… of course lunch bags are ready!

The big kids are actually going to re-use their lunch bags this year. Bailee has a Vera Bradley Lunch Date bag which she got for Christmas (Easy Lunch Box containers do fit in there by the way). Since it was a pricey purchase there is no sense in ditching it after a mere 4-6 months of use. Brendan has a red lunch bag from The Children’s Place and I think he just can’t be bothered to pick out a new one! He’s a 10 year old boy, what do you expect? So after a good cleaning (turn inside out and clean with a bleach cleaning solution or cleaning wipes with bleach) they are ready to go. Seriously when was the last time you cleaned your lunch bag (wink)?

I’ve been doing my own personal prep. I have been planning special first day lunches and picking up some new lunch packing supplies! You know, more containers, cutters and picks… oh my! Oh yeah I have also been griping about the fact that we have to pay for the high school bus. $8.50 for every 10 rides! Yes, so that is $8.50 a week for the school bus! Ugh!

So as part of my prep I have been practicing some elements, so here is a sneak preview from Brendan’s lunch:

I am going with a Super Mario World themed lunch and this star sandwich will be the simple centerpiece for it. I don’t know that the final product will be a sweet swirled bread as this one is but it works for practice. I used a Wilton Comfort Grip Star Shaped Cookie Cutter (see the Amazon slide show in the side bar if you are interested in the exact one) to cut the bread. I then used a straw to make holes for the eyes and inserted raisins… voila what I think is a pretty passable Super Mario star! What do you think?

Now I could also cut the star out of a slice of cheese and lay it over the top of the sandwich to give the star more of a yellowish color… will I? I don’t know, tune in this week and see!


A Feast for the Eyes…

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

When I open my lunch bag and I see a plain ham sandwich and maybe some chips staring back at me I’m thinking, is it too late for me to go out with my coworkers? 2 slabs of bread with some lunchmeat in the middle? Yeah, this lunch is boring, with a capital B! I’ve done the math, I know the ham sandwich is better for my health and wallet but I can easily be swayed into going out for a burger with fries! Believe you me swayed very easily and I’m not alone.

How about your spouse? How about your children? Do you think they feel any different about that lunch? No, trust me, they aren’t too excited about it either. They are heading for the pizza line. This lunch tab is suddenly adding up. Although we’ll all probably still eat the bag of chips later on in the day! That’s a separate price to pay!

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the sandwich it’s just that it doesn’t look appealing. It’s just sitting in the sandwich bag looking back at me all blah. I don’t think anyone can argue that it’s a well known fact that we eat with our eyes. A well plated meal at a restaurant is perceived to taste better. The chef knows adding color and flavor with veggies and fresh herbs will make the meal more appealing and in turn we think it is more delicious. Well actually it probably is… BUT you can still apply that mentality to your lunch.

Now what if you opened your lunch bag and found this lunch (in an Easylunchboxes container)?

It’s still a sandwich (albeit a small one in this case). Suddenly though this lunch is appealing and colorful. Suddenly I can’t wait to eat it and can confidently say at the office “no, you guys go ahead with out me, I’m all set”. Maybe, just maybe my coworkers will even wish they had brought a lunch like mine.

Here I added a rainbow of color using fresh veggies, fresh fruit and silicone baking cups. I also added a small cup of veggie dip. You could argue that it takes time to add all that produce but it really doesn’t take that long. The baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and grapes I just washed so I only chopped cucumbers, red peppers and kiwi. If you take the time to wash and chop ahead of time then daily you are just adding to your container. Hey if you did all the chopping then dinner is that much faster to cook too. The kiwi hearts were cut with a cookie cutter but that detail could easily be skipped.

In full disclosure this was not today’s lunch. I don’t go into the office on Saturdays. I did however pack, eat and enjoy this lunch on another day. No fries were had on that day!




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