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Toys Aren’t Just for Children!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Yesterday in the mail I got some new toys. Like a child on Christmas Day I tore open the package in excitement so anxious to oooh, ahhhh and start playing with my presents! I got a number of things and hope to share them each in time.

Today let’s talk about my new small sandwich cutters! Three came in the package, a bear, a bunny and an elephant.


I decided to use the elephant in Trevor’s lunch today. So fun! I admit they were a little smaller then I expected but actually 2 little sandwiches fit really well on one side of my Lunchbots Duo. I was a bit rushed this morning as our littlest guy had an early morning appointment so I literally whipped this up in minutes. I can’t wait to give it more thought and create a whole lunch around these cute little critters.

So head on over to All Things for Sale if you want to checkout these cute cutters! I know I am going to have fun playing with my new toys!


The 2 little elephant sandwiches (aren’t they cute?) are filled with a spread of peanut butter mixed with vanilla greek yogurt and sitting on a bed of pretzels. Also included are green bean chips, diced pears (canned type packed in water) and a Babybel cheese sliced in half.

I hope my little man enjoyed his lunch today as much as I enjoyed playing with the cutters!




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