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Enthusiasm is Contagious…

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

A little over 2 weeks in to the online world of lunch packing I must say that my enthusiasm is growing! This website is the culmination of my own personal journey to transform my family’s lunches. I started my journey by taking daily photos of my lunch efforts a few months ago to post on Instagram and was so encouraged by the positive feedback I received from others.  This website seemed like the logical next step. My own personal forum to share my enthusiasm with others.

I have many hopes for this website to accomplish in the near future:

  • I hope to explore themed lunches.
  • I hope to share the many interesting new tools for lunch creation that I have ordered.
  • I hope to join some interesting blog hops.
  • I hope to have some give aways (yes, I said give aways)!
  • I hope to have some improvements in the blog appearance.

Now you see why I am so enthusiastic! I hope that my enthusiasm is contagious… feel free to drop me some comments on topics you would like me to explore!


Today’s Grown Up Lunch:
Taco salad, orange slices, blueberries, black bean tortilla chips

Today’s Toddler Lunch:
Today there was an end of summer picnic on the playground at daycare so a cold lunch was called for!
Cheese and crackers, ham rollups sliced, small bread “sticks” tomato, veggie square crackers, snap pea crisps


Climbing Out of the Lunch Rut…

Monday, August 20th, 2012

I have a confession. Last year I fell into a lunch rut, oh and ok maybe it was more then just last year.

I shamefully filled my son’s lunch bag with dyed yogurt tubes (insert your brand name here), chips, “fruit” gummies and those not really juice boxes, ALL of those things and nearly everyday. I had every reason in the book to justify it: he likes it, it’s all I have time for, I’m a working mother of 4, it’s easier, it’s cheaper, I know he’ll eat it, he’ll starve otherwise and all the other kids are having the same thing anyway… right? I’m not proud of it but it happened.

I get it… that’s not the exactly a lunch filled with nutrition. I’m here now to put an end to it. I’ve vowed that those items will be ocassional treats and not the regular menu. I can do better then that. I know I can! He deserves better then that! Even if he hates me initially for making the changes haha!

So why am I sharing this guilt trip with you? Well it’s back-to-school time. I’m sure you’ve noticed. Oh yeah and I started this whole blog thing about lunch, have you heard? So for these reasons I’m starting to brain storm and come up with ideas for his lunches this coming school year. His name is Brendan by the way. He is 10 years old and he is a picky eater due to some sensory issues. There, my friends, is another reason on that justification list above.

No more excuses! His lunch is changing! All of our lunches have been changing, transforming into something better, into something healthier! I do however believe in moderation. I do believe in treats but dyed yogurt tubes, chips, “fruit” gummies and those not really juice boxes in the lunch bag everyday is out the door! Instead I will highlight for you some of the new lunch snacks my family is trying and letting you know what we think of them. Maybe you in turn will try some in your lunch bag and transform your lunch too.

This week I am practicing adding the extra big kid lunches into my schedule. My 14 year old daughter likes to help out and often even packs her own lunch. She helped me with these last night (thank you Bailee)!


Grown up Lunch of the Day:
Orange cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, mini croissant sandwich, cucumber orange salad, sweet potato tortilla chips

Toddler Lunch of the Day:
Chicken nuggets, strawberry, blueberry, freeze dried peas, Smart Fries

5th Grader Practice Lunch of the Day:
Nutella sandwich on Goldfish Bread, Smart Fries, Grapes, Strawberry and cucumbers

Teenager Lunch of the Day:
Leftover cheeseburger wrap, cheese stick, orange cherry tomatoes, cucumber orange salad, grapes


New Snacks:

Sweeet Potato Tortilla Chips – the whole family is enjoying these and I personally could eat the whole bag!

Smart Fries  – Popped potato sticks with sea salt. I find them bland but I am alone on this one because the rest of the gang loves them!

Freeze dried peas are by Archer Farms and purchased at Target. Delicious but did not stay crispy in lunch box. Will be a great snack at home! Yum!

 Grown up and big kid lunches featured in Easylunchboxes containers

Finally the cucumber orange salad is dressed with fresh lime juice and chopped mint, that’s it! Simply skip the dressing if for picky eaters!  



Hey…Where did you get those containers?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Whenever someone sees one of my lunches I inevitably get asked… “where did you get those containers?”. So I figure this is a good time to lay some ground work here on my blog about the foundation on which all my lunches are built… the containers.

I do actually use a number of different containers and I am expanding my collection all the time but the one you will see my grownup lunches in almost everyday is the EasyLunchbox. Easylunchboxes are non-toxic and safe for use in the microwave and the dishwasher… that is my kind of container! I can pack it, microwave it, eat it and throw it into the dishwasher. A busy working mom’s dream!

Also I have a particular fondness for this container because it is really what inspired me. Last year I began seeing all these beautiful lunches appearing in my Pinterest feed. Most were packed by working people and parents just like me and they look amazing, not to mention delicious, artistic and most of them look healthy even! I began pinning them and about 9 months or so ago I purchased them online myself at Amazon.  I’ve now become part of the community that has inspired me. You can check some of them out on my blogroll over on the sidebar but don’t forget to come back! Ha! I am hoping to add my own lunches as inspiration to someone else.

I’ll try to call out some of my other containers in future posts. I do recommend that if you are searching for containers that you buy something that is BPA-free and safe for microwaving and dishwashing (like the Easylunchbox).


 Grownup Lunch of the Day:

Salad with roasted plum tomatoes, green beans, pepper strips and carrot bow ties along with sliced pineapple, grapes, sliced cheddar cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.















Toddler Lunch of the Day:

Chicken Nuggets, Potato smiles, Croissant, Banana (with slit up back for peeling), snap pea crisps, Cherry tomatoes, lettuce and cheddar butterflies (cut with a cookie cutter).


















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