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Rings and Things… to Consider!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

I seek inspiration for my own lunches out there on the web. I scour Pinterest. I check out other Bento Bloggers. I look high and low at craft stores, seasonal stores, party stores and bento retailers. I always try new recipes and test new snacks trying to find an interesting variety. All of these things help my lunches evolve and stay fun.

Lately I’ve noticed a trend, people using plastic rings as Bento Box decor. Perhaps it is not that new, but it is certainly new to me. I have resisted for awhile thinking, what is the purpose of that? It has no real value… it doesn’t make a kabob or hold food together so why bother? However, recently I spied a big bag of spider rings for $1.00 at the craft store and on an impulse I bought them. I used them in Brendan’s lunch today (pictured above).

You know what? It was fun! I think they look really cool. I also think fun and cool do have value especially for the kiddos. The rings are cheap, come in many different themes and are easily found at any store with a party aisle. I don’t mind if the kids lose them, trade them, give them away, throw them away or otherwise. As long as they don’t eat them! Hopefully though they will just come home in the lunch box for reuse!

That brings me to things to consider when using rings in lunches.

  • Age – I don’t recommend using rings or food picks for children under the age of three (choking hazards).
  • Maturity – for some kids rings might just be a distraction.
  • Sanitation – Be sure you wash plastic rings before use.

I’m not sure I will use rings regularly in my lunches but I do think that every now and again it will be fun! Especially spooky spiders for Halloween!

Brendan’s lunch today is served in a Lunchbots Trio and contained:

  • A pepperoni roll
  • Broccoli, Grapes, and Kiwi
  • Carrot muffin
  • Pretzels
  • Horizon Organic Milk Box (not shown) was also packed



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