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Quick, Simple… It’s OK!!

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

I enjoy having the opportunity to share lunches I pack that aren’t themed. The lunches that don’t even have one special signature detail. The lunches that were thrown together in mere minutes without much thought; no cookie cutters, no food picks, no fan fare what-so-ever. It is just a lunch plain, quick and simple! I made 2 of these side by side in less then 10 minutes. It would have been less time had I not decided to make chicken salad on the spot! :)

I have shared on this blog before, this is my real life! I really am a busy working mom of 4! I make themed lunches when I have time but when I don’t I still make lunch! The alternative is possibly less healthy fast food. The alternative might create more lunch waste. The alternative means some of us might choose not to eat lunch at all. None of these alternatives are good!

I will try to categorize these faster, easier lunches so that you can simply search for or select the tag words quick & simple to find these options. I hope you too will choose to create a fast, healthy lunch instead of making one of those alternate choices I mentioned! 

Here is a submission for that category served in an Easylunchboxes container:

One chicken salad with lettuce sandwich was cut in half and put in each box! Trader Joes Veggie Flaxseed tortilla chips (maybe 7-9 chips broken into pieces in each container) were added, one clementine orange was peeled for each lunch, one handful of pistachios was added along with a few cinnamon flaxseed coated walnuts.

I would have added some raw broccoli florettes next to the clementine orange and a Babybel cheese alongside the sandwich but I am in dire need of groceries! These would both be a good easy additions for those with a heartier appetite!

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Another Simple & Quick Lunch!

Monday, October 29th, 2012


I’m a real life working mom, feeding my real life large family! Being able to pack a lunch quickly is essential to me! When I have time I go a little crazy with details because I enjoy it, when I don’t have time… quick and simple it is! I personally think it takes just as much skill to pack! ;)

Today’s featured lunch is packed in the Easy Lunch Box and includes:

  • 1/2 Tuna sandwich (I packed 2 of these so made 1 whole sandwich) with spinach on wheat swirled bread
  • 1 KIND Snacks bar
  • 1 Clementine Orange
  • Assortment of Late July Chips




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