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Fall Fresh Lunch

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

fall fresh lunch with leaf details


Here in the North East where I live Summer has certainly felt long gone for quite some time now! Officially however tomorrow is the first day of Autumn. Autumn is my favorite season, how about you?

Autumn means it is comfortable to be outside and the leaves are changing colors. It means sweatshirts and long pants come out again. It means the kiddos have been back to school for at least a couple of weeks if not more and parent teacher conferences are on the near horizon. It means Football and Hockey are in swing again, two of my favorite sports. For me it also means a couple of birthdays come up, my daughter will be 16 and Trevor will be 4, both next month. Oh my! Busy busy!

The first day of Autumn also means it is safe to start packing Fall themed lunches again yay! The lunch featured in this post today is a harbinger of all the Fall foods and themed lunches I hope to do during this short season to come!

Packed in a Laptop Lunches Bento Box this lunch contains (affiliate links included):

  • A simple ham and cheese sandwich. I used a large leaf cookie cutter on the bread. You could also shape the ham and cheese. I just rolled them up and inserted, I like to keep things simple most days but sometimes I’ll go the extra. Don’t forget to save the bread scraps in a freezer bag to make breadcrumbs, croutons or French toast casserole later.
  • Fresh raw sugar snap peas and carrots (you could throw a veggie dip in there).
  • Red grapes with some leaf food picks added.
  • Guacamole Bites Corn Sticks by Naturebox (not an affiliate link)

What is your favorite thing about Fall?



Want one? Lunchbox used in this post is available here (affiliate link):


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