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100+ Stocking Ideas for Tween & Teen Girls

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

 100+ teen girl stocking ideas


This is a little off topic from lunch I know. Yet, I can’t help but to share! Recently I have had the opportunity to share thoughts on gift giving with some friends. I have 4 children and have spent many hours pondering what to put in stockings or give as a gift for the holidays. I must admit gift giving is something that I enjoy and quite honestly spending large amounts of time pondering it does thrill me! So I thought over the next 4 weeks as the holidays draw near, I would occasionally share some of my gift ideas. My oldest is 16 years old now and thinking up her gifts is such a throw back to all the things that I loved when I was her age. So this is where we start, 100+ ideas for teen/tween girl’s stocking. I have purposely skipped over food items because those are usually pretty easy to figure out! My own teenage daughter has reviewed this list and given her approval!

Health & Beauty

1. Nail Polish
2. Nail Polish Remover
3. Manicure Kit
4. Nail File
5. Nail Decals
6. Hair Brush
7. Shampoo (travel size or full)
8. Conditioner (travel size or full)
9. Hairspray
10. Hair Ties
11. Head Bands
12. Hair Elastics
13. Bobby Pins
14. Lip Gloss
15. Chapstick
16. Eye Shadow
17. Eye Liner
18. Blush
19. Mascara
20. Makeup Remover
21. Makeup Brushes
22. Makeup Bag
23. Face Wash
24. Face Mask / Face Peel Packets
25. Moisturizer
26. Body Lotion
27. Body Wash
28. Scented Hand Sanitizer
29. Scented Deodorant
30. Perfume (sample or full)
31. Roll On Perfume Stick
32. Compact Mirror
33. Toothbrush
34. Band-Aids (colored or themed)
35. Pocket Tissues (colored or themed)

Accessories & Wearables

36. Stretchy Gloves
37. Winter Hat
38. Sunglasses
39. Necklace
40. Bracelet
41. Earrings
42. Ring
43. Scarf
44. Boot Socks/Leg Warmers
45. Slipper Socks
46. Knee-Highs
47. Tights
48. Keyring / Key Chain
49. Wallet
50. Umbrella

Mobile & Music

51. Cell Phone Case
52. Electronic Screen wipes
53. Phone or Mp3 Charger
54. Charger Cover / Decal
55. iTunes Gift Card
56. Cell Phone Wristlet
57. Wireless Speakers
58. Earbuds or Headphones
59. Amazon Giftcard

Books & Stationary

60. Colored Gel Pens
61. Colored Pencils
62. Pencil Case
63. Pencil Sharpener
64. Markers
65. Post-It Notes
66. Post-it Flags
67. Journal
68. Planner
69. Notebook
70. Stickers
71. Stencils
72. Bookmark
73. Book Light
74. Books (tween or teen fiction)
75. Drawing or Doodle Books
76. Magazines
77. Mandala Coloring Books
78. Sudoku Book
79. Barnes & Nobles Gift Card
80. Mini Stapler
81. Mini Washi Tape

Sports & Athletic

82. Water Bottle
83. Athletic Socks
84. Pedometer
85. Phone / MP3 Armband
86. Sports Cami
87. Sun Block
88. Sweat Bands
89. Sports Watch
90. Reusable Snack Bags

Decorator or Crafter

91. Picture Frames
92. Decorative Air Freshener
93. Vinyl Wall Decals or Words
94. Command Hooks
95. Figurine / Knick Knack
96. Hot Glue Gun
97. Night Light
98. Pillow Case
99. Foldable Cloth Storage Bin
100. Small Vase
101. Craft Store Gift Certificate
102. Mini Measuring Tape

Social & Entertainment

103. Movie Theater Passes or Gift Card
104. Frozen Yogurt Gift Card
105. Mall Gift Card
106. Gas Station Gift Card (for older drivers)
107. Hot Beverage Cup
108. Money

I have categorized the items so not only could you create a themed stocking but you could pull a number of items from a category together and create a themed gift bag. For instance for the “organizer” in your life you could pull together gel pens, a planner, a doodle book, stickers, Post-it flags, washi tape and a mini stapler. Many people decorate their planners as they would a scrapbook. It is a snapshot of one’s life after all! You could even hop over to Pinterest, search for your subject and print out instructions or a picture to go with your gift.

I don’t suggest you try to get all 100+ items in a stocking lol! I hope that you’ll forgive and enjoy my foray into the subject of gift giving! Tis the season after all!


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