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12 Months of Picks Giveaway!

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

12 months of picks giveaway

No lunch today! Why?

Well today I decided to launch my 12 months of picks giveaway! You see back in August I celebrated my 1 year blog anniversary, 12 months of blogging!! I can hardly believe it! I recognize I am a little late to celebrate but hey it is better than never, right?

You my friends have given me quite a beautiful gift!

  • My readership today is 10 times greater than in my first month of blogging!
  • I have been fortunate to interact with some of you in social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!
  • I have worked with some companies that I truly love like Easylunchboxes, Lunchbots, Laptop Lunches, Bento USA and others!

So to thank you I decided to host a giveaway sponsored by ME. You won’t find one of those disclaimers at the bottom I promise! If you know this blog, then you know I enjoy adding small details for fun and affect in my lunches. One of my favorite lunchbox “accessories” is food or cupcake picks. You can find these types of picks in just about any theme you can think of! They are washable and therefore reusable! They are usually inexpensive and they can be found pretty easily online, at party or craft stores or at cake supply shops. See why I love them? Hey you could even use them for decorating cupcakes!!

This giveaway includes one package of picks to use in each month of the year! That is 12 full months of picks! Awesome, right? Included are:

  1. January – Happy New Year
  2. February – Hearts for Valentine’s Day
  3. March – Bunnies & baskets for Easter
  4. April – Carrots for garden season kickoff
  5. May – Flowers which April showers bring
  6. June – Ladybugs which often start appearing in June
  7. July – Palm trees, hula girls and tiki torches because why not it’s hot!
  8. August – Flip flops which surely have been on your feet by now
  9. September – Acorns and leaves since fall starts this month
  10. October – Ghosts for Halloween
  11. November – Turkeys and pumpkins
  12. December – Reindeer

12 packs all together as pictured in the photo at the top of the post – all brand new and unopened! However, only one prize will be award to one individual! To enter use the Rafflecopter below and please be sure to abide by the terms and conditions! I hate to disqualify anyone! Winner will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn. US Shipping addresses only! Good luck to all!




a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let it Snow…

Monday, November 26th, 2012

With Thanksgiving behind us I think many folks have now turned their full attention to the Christmas holiday. With all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions streaming through my social media I know at least from a shopping perspective it sure has! Rumor has it that tomorrow  it may even snow here in New England. Nothing like a snowy winter wonderland to make visions of Christmas dance in your head. That considered I decided it was therefore okay to start with the winter and Christmas themed lunches! What say you? ;)

Today I created in Brendan’s Lunchbots Trio a very simple snowman! So simple! How simple? Well, I used a biscuit cutter for the circle shape and then a straw for the eyes and mouth. Yes, a regular drinking straw! Just push down into the bread and spin! I then cut a triangle nose out of an orange pepper. I would have used a carrot if I had any! You can adhere small parts with mayo, cream cheese etc. if you want it to stay put. I then topped with a winter hat food/cupcake pick. I think it makes a very believable snowman!

Also in Brendan’s lunch box is a mini organic banana. I cut some of the stem off so it would fit and then made a small slice across the top so he would be able to peel it. I layered pretzel thin chips and broccoli to give sort of a loose interpretation of the rest of the snowman . I then added a snowflake food/cupcake pick and was done!

Honestly you could skip the food picks and I still think it would be an obvious snowman lunch!



Products used in this post:

You Can’t Pick Your Friends…

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Or is that you can’t pick your family? Yeah that’s it. In either case this was my thought of the day as I sent my toddler Trevor out the door with his lunch.

What on earth am I talking about? Picks, food picks that is! Today Trevor’s lunch included 2 bunny themed food picks. This is the first time I have used them in his lunch. I hope that he enjoys them responsibly! Trevor who is just shy of age 3 may think of them as toys (aka weapons) so I’m anxious to see how it went today. I hope he doesn’t use his picks to pick his friends! Fingers crossed!

Food picks are a great way to both decorate and organize your lunch container. Often called cocktail picks, appetizer picks or even cupcake picks there is a dizzying array available out there on the market. Head on over to those Amazon or Bento USA links over there on the side bar and search food picks. You’ll see what I am talking about! The good news? You can get any shape, color, size or theme you can think of. The bad news? You are going to have to determine whether it is appropriate to use them! So if you have little ones, like I do, you’ll have to judge whether they are old enough and whether their childcare provider will allow them. You’ll also have to determine whether or not your 10 year old will give away his mustache food picks to his friends to play with. Ha!

Wait, food picks aren’t just for kids! No! I use them all the time in my lunches for grown ups! Alright maybe not the bunny ones! As I said they not only decorate but they also organize! A food pick will keep a couple of olives from rolling around your lunch container! A food pick will allow you to make interesting kabobs! A food pick will hold your neatly wrapped sandwich roll-up together! It is a great item to have in your lunchbox tool kit!

So the moral of this post? Don’t pick your friends or family but do pick your lunch!




Trevor’s Bunny-Full lunch (full of bunnies and he’ll be a full bunny if he eats it all)!

  • 2 bunny sandwiches with a greek yogurt/peanut butter spread
  • Pretzels
  • Cheese stick quartered
  • 3 orange cherry tomatoes
  • and 4 grapes on 2 adorable bunny food picks

The lunches for the grown ups (in Easylunchboxes container) included:

  • Zucchini tots (I also added summer squash)
  • Cheese, pepperoni and crackers
  • Ham and black bean salad wrap
  • A strawberry with 3 blackberries
  • 4 purple peppers on a food pick
  • and 4 purple grapes on a food pick


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