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Holiday Lunch Round Up!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

I am a little behind in blogging due to sick children and the holidays so I am hitting you with a round up of holiday lunches! Most of my lunches are not really that complicated. I generally try to work in one detail and most of the time that is enough! Sometimes it is with cookie cutters, sometimes a food pick, sometimes a silicone baking cup but most of the time I just like to work with the natural color combinations of food!

Candy Cane (above) - This lunch has a couple of easy details. First the striped apples which I made by taking my apple wedges and slicing stripes through the skin with a sharp paring knife. I then simply slid the tip of the knife under the skin and removed every other stripe. I then took my bread and cut 2 circles with a round cookie cutter. On one circle I used a mini candy cane cutter. I assembled my sandwich after cutting. I added Trader Joe’s veggie sticks and yellow cherry tomatoes. I complete with a birdhouse food pick. Note there are 2 layers of apples and that they were soaked after cutting in cold citrus water. This is served in Brendan’s Lunchbots Trio container.

Simple Snowman (below) – This one is very simple actually! The snowman is a ring like you would use to decorate a cupcake. It is simple inserted in the middle of a mini bagel sandwich. The snowflakes are yogurt covered pretzels (I have no illusions that they are all natural so a slight rule breaking here). That compartment also contains the Trader Joe’s veggie sticks and 2 Pistachio Power Clusters from our Naturebox subscription. Finally Brendan’s Lunchbox Trio also containes strawberries and canteloupe.

Santa’s Staff (below) – Trevor’s Lunchbots Duo contains some members of Santa’s staff. The elf is a sandwich cut with a spring-loaded, cut and press, cookie cutter from Nordic Ware. I always cut and then assemble sandwiches because it is much easier! He is peeking out from behind a silicone cup containing Trader Joe’s Cheddar Corn Puffs. Above Santa’s reindeer is playing in a stripes of strawberries, canteloupe and English cucumber coins.

Elf in the Box (below) – Brendan’s lunch also contains the same items as Trevor’s does above but the strawberries were swapped for raisins in this Lunchbots Trio. There is also a Christmas Tree food pick (instead of a reindeer) sitting in the cheddar corn puffs that I thought looked like snow.

I have had some lighting challenges as we move through the winter season. I do not get much morning light before I leave the house each day and if it is overcast I am forced to use indoor lighting as opposed to natural lighting. I attempt to edit the lighting on each photo but placing all the photos in one post you can really see the differences! The snowman lunch is treated with a frost filter as well!

Happy holidays!


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Ho Ho Ho… Santa is Coming to Lunch!

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012


Tis the season! Right? Yeah for coughs and colds unfortunately! The children and I have been a bit run down over the past few days (ok maybe weeks) so my blogging has been a bit slowed down! I completely missed Gluten-Free Friday this week in favor of needed rest so I have much to catch up on! I have a GREAT Gluten-Free Friday coming up this week so I promise it will be worth the wait!

Speaking of waiting. It is hard to believe that in 2 short weeks from today it will be Christmas! Today’s lunchbox has a nod to the big guy in the red suit! Santa himself makes an appearance reminding my son Brendan that Christmas is not too far away so he better stay on the “nice” list. I hope you are all staying on the “nice” list too!

Santa was made with a spring loaded cookie cutter. First you press down on the cutter to cut the outside shape out of the bread (or dough if making cookies). Next you press down firmly on the spring loaded handle to depress the stamp plate down onto the bread to leave the impression, in this case of Santa’s face and hat. Then use the cutter to cut another outside shape without the impression so you can make your sandwich. It sounds a lot more complex than it really is, I promise!

Santa is sitting on top of a box of raisins. I placed a small piece of foil under Santa just so he wouldn’t stick to the box! A fruit salad of kiwi holly leaves and snowflake strawberries is topped with a reindeer food pick. Finally the slender compartment contains peanut butter pretzel sandwiches, a piece of broccoli and some Pirate Booty snacks. This lunch is served in a Lunchbots Trio.


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O’ Christmas Tree

Thursday, November 29th, 2012


Today’s featured lunch I made for my husband. He has been working some pretty late hours recently to finish a project at his office by December 1st. The kids and I have missed seeing him and I know he has been missing us! Today’s lunch, well actually his dinner, I hope will remind him that the holiday break is almost here! Soon our family will be gathered around the Christmas tree celebrating the spirit of the season!

My Christmas tree is actually a cucumber sandwich. The base is whole wheat French bread sliced in half. I spread on a generous layer of an herbed spreadable cheese and then topped with sliced cucumbers. I added details of carrot lights, a pretzel trunk and a cheese star using additional herbed cheese spread. My family loves snacks and today’s “lunch” has some great ones including lightly salted almonds, apple slices and veggie straws. This lunch is served in an Easylunchboxes container.


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