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So Thankful…

Thursday, November 15th, 2012


Today, one week before my family celebrates Thanksgiving, I am participating once again in a blog hop with my fellow Bento Bloggers & Friends members. Our theme today is “I am thankful for____”. Yes, I know the lunch above looks more like a Valentine’s Day lunch, keep reading!

I am going to be honest with you. I struggled with this theme! I am not unthankful. My problem is I am thankful for so much, OK that is not exactly a problem. The real problem is I began to put so much pressure on myself thinking that I needed to relay in a lunchbox what I am most thankful for! I gave it some real thought and the obvious answers for me came up: God and family. Exactly how I should put those things into a lunch however, were not clear to me. So I just let it sit in the back of my mind. It would have been so much easier for me to just make a lunch with turkeys or pilgrims or something…

Today, however, the answer became clear to me! I CAN express those things I am most thankful for in one word, LOVE! I am thankful that God loves me! I am thankful that my family loves me and that I in turn have them to love. Love is something I can translate into a lunchbox, well not literally but love is certainly a great inspiration for all things! With that idea light bulb shining bright over my head I made today’s lunch and wrote this post!

I am thankful for LOVE!

 I have expressed love with the symbol we all associate it with! Hearts! I made heart shapes with carrots and surrounded with broccoli. I also cut out a heart shaped sandwich and a strawberry heart. Finally I filled a heart shaped silicone cup with pretzels and topped the sandwich with the word love cut from cheese!

Now to continue on your journey of thanksgiving please click on the blog button graphic below to visit my friend Keeley McGuire and discover what she is thankful for!

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Ghostly Graveyard

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012



Bento Bloggers and Friends are at it again!

This time Halloween style! OK there is no prize at stake this time BUT there are still cool lunches to be seen! Each blogger in the hop has chosen whether to present a “scary” lunch or a “cute” lunch, which one do you think mine falls under (insert sinister laughter here hehe)? So after you visit my ghostly graveyard continue down to the bottom of this post where you can click the Halloween Blog Hop button to continue on your way!

  • 2 coffin sandwiches are barely interred amongst the ghosts and spiders residing in my graveyard!
  • Don’t worry those pistachios, oranges and Pirate Booty snacks are still fine to eat, just brush those spiders right off! 5 second rule, right?


I hope you have enjoyed visiting my ghostly graveyard. Please don’t disturb the dead on your way out and watch out for those spiders! I can’t be held responsible if you incur their venomous bite! ;)

Now hop on over to Crazy? Maybe! Blog for your next Halloween adventure!




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