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Halloween Hungry

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

healthy halloween jack-o-lantern bento lunch

It’s time once again to hop! Hop, hop, hop! Are you hopping? Now?

No, seriously today I am participating in a Fall/Halloween themed hop with my colleagues at Bento Bloggers and Friends. Today is the first of three days full of Halloween and Fall lunches. I hope you see some inspiration to attempt your own creepy or not so creepy creation… I mean lunch! I decided to go with something not too scary but no doubt about that it is a Halloween themed lunch!

Packed in an Easylunchboxes container this lunch includes:

  • Mini Pretzel Twists
  • Peacharines and strawberries with spooky bat cupcake picks tucked in (see link at bottom of post for picks)
  • A sliced chicken sandwich but fill the sandwich with whatever your preference is (another bat pick is included here for affect)
  • Carrot & Snap pea details

The jack-o-lantern in front of the moon image was created by first placing a slice of provolone cheese on top of my sandwich. I then cut a pumpkin out of a slice of cheddar using a cookie cutter (the link below at bottom of the post is for a similar cutter). I happened to have a small triangle cutter from a another bento set which I used for the eyes and nose. I also happened to have a mini canoe cutter which I used for the mouth.  You could easily turn that smile upside down for a scarier looking jack-o-lantern! The mini canoe cutter was purchased at a cake supply shop but available online as well (link at bottom). I secured the cheese to the bread using a leaf pick. I used a swizzle stick to create the pupil in the eyes but easily a straw could be used. Finally, I tucked additional leaf picks in the cooked carrots (picks will not easily go in to raw carrot) to create a pumpkin patch at the bottom along with sugar snap peas. If you make carrots for dinner simply pull aside a few for this detail!

Cheese scraps from the jack-o-lantern were placed inside of the sandwich so no need to waste! All the cheese details could easily be pulled off and put inside of the sandwich at lunch time or eaten as is! The pumpkin patch may get jostled around a bit en route to school or wherever but not too badly. At a minimum they will be in that compartment still. You could secure them down with raw spaghetti if you want the patch to stay intact! Oh and obviously you’ll need to tuck those bat picks in a little further to put the cover on! All in all a fairly simple and healthy lunch to make! You could leave off the pumpkin patch and skip the bat picks to save time and this is still a fun Halloween lunch!

Now don’t stop here! Please click through on the button below to hop on over to visit Bento, Monsters to see what haunted creation she conjured up into her lunch box! She is amazing! You won’t be disappointed!



Oh and did you enter my 12 months of picks giveaway yet (ends 10/17/13)?

Happy hauntings,

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Day of the Dead Lunch

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

day of the dead 2


I was out shopping for a gift for my daughter and came across some amazing Day of the Dead cookie cutters. They somehow jumped into my shopping basket but don’t worry I remembered to get the present for my daughter too!

Day of the Dead, or rather Día de los Muertos, is celebrated in Mexico on November 1st and 2nd right on the heels of Halloween. It is also associated with the Catholic holidays: All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. This day focuses on remembering and praying for deceased friends and family members. I’ll let you go Google the whole background!

I did however decide that I had to decorate my lunch box using cutters as sort of a tribute to the Day of the Dead. I tried to include some of the traditions! Often people build alters and include the favorite foods and drinks of the beloved deceased so how fitting to incorporate in with some of our favorite lunch foods! The sugar skulls themselves are left in homes as a welcoming offering to the spirits of the deceased. The flowers, usually marigolds, are left on the graves to attract spirits as well.

Packed in a Laptop Lunches Bento Box this lunch menu contains:

  • A sugar skull sandwich, ok it is whole whole bread with PB&J (substitute for your favorite protein of course – turkey would have been yummy here)!
  • Plums & mangos
  • Carrot & Sweet Potato Terra Chips
  • Grape tomatos, cucumber and sugar snap peas (pack a dressing if you’d like)
  • a couple of cheese star flowers and decorative carrots were thrown in – all edible of course yum!

Oh and the skull pick was actually picked up at a local cake supply store as part of a 4 pack that included a witch, a jack-o-lantern and a black cat. I couldn’t find a link for you sorry!



Want one? Lunchbox used in this post is available here (affiliate links):

Surf’s up! Healthy Surfboard Bento Lunch {A Guest Post}

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

surf's up healthy bento lunch a

While I am taking care of Evan as he recovers from his tonsil and adenoid removal surgery, the wonderful, talented and oh so sweet Rebecca from Bentos on the Bayou graciously agreed to fill in for me! Thank you so much to Rebecca for pulling double duty writing for both her blog and mine so I can focus on my little guy! Be sure to visit her blog to see other creative and healthy lunches! Or if you prefer follow her Facebook Page! I’m a big fan in case you can’t tell ;) !




My name is Rebecca and my blog is Bentos on the Bayou.  I am incredibly honored and excited to be your guest blogger today!  I am a homeschool mom of a 12 year old daughter and a 4 year old son.  My son has severe food allergies, so all the lunches on my blog are peanut & tree nut free.  Deb’s lunches have always been some of my favorites, so when the opportunity presented itself for me to write a guest post for her, I was extremely humbled.  Deb and I share a passion for providing nutritious & natural meals for our families, which is one reason I was drawn to her blog in the first place.  I feel so blessed that through our shared passion, we have also become friends.

Today, I am sharing a simple but fun surfboard lunch (pictured above).  My daughter recently began learning to surf, so this lunch is to honor her and her passion for the ocean.  I know that Deb and her family also enjoy the beach, so it is a perfect lunch to share today.
What’s in the Box?
Bed of Steamed Brown Rice (mixed with a little white rice I had leftover)
Palm Tree – 1/2 Large Pretzel Stick with halved Snow Peas layered for the branches
Surfboards – Yellow Squash & Carrot
Also included:  Raw Broccoli, Red Leaf Lettuce, Carrot Sticks, Baby Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Tiger Stripe Fig, Smoked Turkey w/ Provolone Roll-Ups
Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of your company today!

Bentos on the Bayou


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