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Simple & Fresh Non-Sandwich Lunch

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

simple fresh lunch


While my little guy Evan, recovers from his tonsillectomy I am keeping things simple with food so I can focus on him. Evan unfortunately is thus far extremely uncomfortable and I hope with each passing day it will get better, please? In the meantime some members of the family still need packed lunch! This one was very simple to make and required very little effort! I was lucky to be gifted some small organic cucumbers so I started with that! The ham and cheese sushi rolls, originally inspired by Momables (affiliate link), is super easy to make. Just place your slice of ham (gluten-free variety used here) on your cutting board and spread on a little mayo. Then roll up around a cheese stick and slice. To convert this lunch to be completely gluten-free simply swap out the pretzel thins to a gluten-free variety of pretzel such as Glutino.

Packed in a Laptop Lunches (affiliate link) Bento Box this lunch contains:

  • Ham & cheese stick sushi rollups
  • Fresh organic cucumber
  • Orange slices
  • Pretzel thins

Forgive me for a short post but it is hard to think when you are sleep deprived! Today is day 5 post surgery and I am told days 5 and 6 can be the worst! Ack!



Want one? Lunchbox used in this post is available here (affiliate link):

Cold Pizza… Why Not?

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

pesto pizza 2


Cold pizza, yay or nay? It seems people have such strong feelings about whether cold pizza is acceptable. Perhaps it is because many have that image of some disheveled, hungover person eating cold pizza right out of the fridge first thing in the morning? Maybe after a late night? Perhaps you have a memory of being that person? ;)

Actually cold pizza can be a fun part of a nutritional lunch. Why not? Chances are you make or order pizza at least a couple times a month, right? In my lunch today I have incorporated pizza and YES it is meant to be eaten cold BUT, heat it up if you must (and are able to)! In my experience most young children prefer to eat their food on the cooler side anyway.

Today’s lunch is served in a Laptop Lunches container (affiliate links contained in this blog) and contains:

  • Real Deal Veggie Chips (All Natural, Gluten-Free & Vegan)
  • An orange & raspberries
  • Raw carrot coins
  • Pizza sauce for dipping (in the lidded container)
  • Cold pesto pizza strips

My version of cold pizza is from homemade leftovers. I simply spread my favorite pesto over my favorite pizza dough (you could use gluten-free), topped it with shredded mozzarella cheese as well as sliced tomatoes and then baked it. In this case I used a variety of cherry tomatoes from my container garden. Also note that I used a cookie sheet to spread my dough out into a rectangle and therefore my slices were cut into rectangles. I cut a slice into strips to easily fit in the lunch box and to make them dip-able.


Want to buy one? Products used in this post are available here! (This is an Amazon affiliate link and I may receive a commission on any items purchased).

Tuna Sushi Rolls {An Inspiration}

Monday, August 19th, 2013

tuna sushi

A confession, my children are not yet back at school. As a matter of fact they don’t go back until after Labor Day. I am however still very much enjoying our new Laptop Lunches Bento box so I figure why not practice some fun menus? Believe me this lunch will still be eaten, after all the children still need to eat even when there is no school! Today I present a traditional sandwich lunch menu but yet it is not traditional at all.

You see I love mixing up a sandwich: be it a cookie cutter shape, stamped image or a pinwheel, there is a lot you can do with this old standby. Or how about trying a sushi sandwich? I’ve made sushi sandwiches before and there are so many variations to make but when I saw this tuna salad sushi over on Weelicious, I knew I would work it in soon using my own tuna salad recipe. The idea of a classic tuna salad sandwich done in a fresh new way was just too tempting to me! I stayed pretty true to the look of the Weelicious version but I think it would have been fun to add other pops of color such as purple cabbage or red tomatoes (there is always a next time). Believe it or not this is still just “a sandwich”, literally 2 slices of bread filled with tuna salad. I simply flattened my bread with a roller, as Weelicious did, added grated carrot and tuna salad, then rolled up tightly using a bit of mayo to seal the end. I cut the sandwich to get 4 “sushi rolls” per slice of bread. Admit it, it looks like more than just “a sandwich” now! I love that in my Laptop Lunches container I can make these the night before, put the lid on that compartment and keep that sandwich fresh in the fridge!

Alongside the tuna sushi rolls I served:

  • Cocoa Wafers and Blueberry Almonds (fresh from this month’s Naturebox and note that I am a paying customer :)
  • Sliced organic apples with a bit of carmel dip in the mini container (lid not pictured but used)
  • Sugar snap peas sliced in half

I added the seal and penguin food picks to “pick” up on the idea of tuna being from the sea just for fun! I assure you however that no seals or penguins were harmed in the making of this lunch! I also tucked in a blue cloth napkin and closed the lid on it! This lunch looks more complicated than it is! I would argue however that it would still be a great lunch if you made the sandwich the traditional way! This is just more fun so why not try it?


Want to buy one? Products used in this post are available here! (This is an Amazon affiliate link and I may receive a commission on any items purchased).


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