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Pack Work Lunches for Two

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

scramble work lunches for two

In all honesty I am usually packing at least 5 lunches each day but this usually includes 2 adult work lunches, 1 for my husband and 1 for me. It is actually just as easy to pack 2 lunches as it is to pack 1. After all, I already have all the ingredients and items out to pack 1 lunch, why wouldn’t I just pack 2? Five however? That is a whole different story lol. Most days my husband and I have identical lunches although sometimes I mix up the sides as I have done here. If I wasn’t packing for someone else, packing lunch for “2″ would give me 2 days worth of lunches for pretty much the effort of 1! Mixing up the sides will help keep the lunch interesting on the second day. I think the time saving benefit is pretty clear!

So you can pack lunch for two people or two days!

The lunch in today’s post is a simple, meatless, breakfast scramble. I scrambled onions, spinach, seasonings and eggs in cooking spray, then mixed in some cheese before I pulled them off the burner. I tossed a generous handful of raw spinach arugula mix into my Easylunchboxes container before adding my scramble mix. I topped with diced raw tomatoes. When the lunch is reheated the spinach arugula mix and tomatoes will par cook.  I finished off each with half a slice of buttered toast. We actually use real butter in moderation as opposed to a butter substitute. You could totally add a meat if you prefer, I just felt the eggs were enough protein for us on this day!

Each lunch contains similar sides.

  • My husband’s has pretzels (Snyder’s Gluten-Free) and strawberries.
  • Mine has strawberries, blackberries, carrots and sugar snap peas.

Gluten-free? Simply leave out the toast or swap for a gluten-free bread!


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