Easy Work Lunch: Chicken Pesto Pizza

by on January 14th, 2014
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chicken pesto pizza

Yesterday you saw what I made for lunch with a portion of my pesto, tomato pesto grilled cheese (if not check it out!). Today you are seeing leftover lunch featuring what I made with the rest of the pesto, chicken pesto pizza! I bought my pesto but if you are looking for an easy homemade version, I highly recommend the broccoli pesto recipe from Momables. For those of you keeping track that is now 1 family dinner and 2 days of adult work lunches all from the same pesto! How is that for efficiency? ;)

For the chicken pesto pizza, simply spread your favorite crust (or bagel, or english muffin etc) with your pesto, top with sliced tomatoes and sliced grilled chicken then finish up with your favorite sliced cheese. In this instance I have used sliced mozzarella. This is a very quick run through the oven at 350 degrees (maybe 15 minutes depending on the crust you’ve chosen and your oven). I recommend serving with a fruit salad, coleslaw, green salad or perhaps raw veggies and dip for a very simple and fast dinner. Leftovers pack nicely the next day! I added black pepper and diced tomatoes to keep it interesting the second time around! Adding sautéed peppers or mushrooms on top of the pizza would also have changed this up nicely the second time but work with what you have!

This lunch is packed in an Easylunchboxes container and also includes:

  • A whole kiwi sliced
  • Cara cara orange slices
  • Mixed Veggie Chips by Creative Snacks Co (Gluten-free, Non-GMO)


Want one? (Note these links and others contained in this post are affiliate links)

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