Leftover Lunchbox: [Pizza and Salad]

by on November 5th, 2013
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garlic bread pizza and salad in easylunchboxes

Today’s lunch which I made for the grownups, is super simple! I started with dinner leftovers and threw in a little packing ingenuity! So simple actually it probably took me less than 5 minutes to pack!

So let’s start with the leftovers… Garlic Bread Pizza. It is just that, garlic bread made into pizza. I purchased the whole loaf of garlic bread at my grocer’s bakery department, already split and already topped with the garlic spread. I spread the bread with pizza sauce and topped with deli slices of provolone (you could use mozzarella and grated cheese instead of sliced provolone). WAIT… add topping if you want! It is then a small matter of baking until the bread is crisp and the cheese is melty! You certainly could make your own garlic bread very easily and it would definitely be a healthier option. This is however a great cheat for when you need to serve dinner really fast because you have some place to be (practice, game, open house etc). In my mind this certainly beats the drive-thru especially when paired with an easy salad!

In my EasyLunchboxes I packed:

  • A couple of good handfuls of a baby kale salad mix (I tossed some chopped walnuts on the mix). I used a pre-washed bag salad mix.
  • I topped the salad mix with my leftover pizza
  • I added my veggies for my salad in the larger of the 2 small compartments, in this case sugar snap peas, cucumbers and red peppers. After the pizza is eaten just toss the veggies on the salad mix. In a real subtle nod to this Italian style meal I patterned my veggies after the Italian flag! I even threw creamy Italian dressing in my mini dipper.
  • I finished this meal off with a red plum. I just washed it and sliced it.

If you have a heartier appetite do feel free to include an additional snack in a separate container! This was an easy dinner turned into an easy lunch! A win-win, right?



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