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Scary Spider Healthy Lunch

Monday, October 28th, 2013

scary healthy lunch


Honestly I had no real theme in mind for today’s lunch so I just put in some fun and “scary” details for my own amusement! Halloween is not over yet after all!  The jack-o-lanterns may not be that scary but they are fun and were cut using a vintage style cookie cutter. I tucked in leaf picks for that pumpkin look. The spiders on the log were made with black olives and the eyeballs in the upper right are also black olives (filled with cream cheese and a tomato dot added as the pupil).

Packed in a Laptop Lunches Bento Box this lunch menu contains:

  • 2 jack-o-lantern PB&Js (however do sub out for the sandwich filling of your choice).
  • Plums and mangos with black olive eyeballs (secured with a spider food pick)
  • White cheddar popcorn
  • Cucumbers and celery topped with cream cheese and black olive spiders (you could sub out your favorite veggie dip in place of the cream cheese).



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Haunted Healthy “How-to” Pizza Bagel Lunch

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

haunted healthy lunch 2

With this lunch I had fun with a printed silhouette image. First I printed a template by using Google images to find a silhouetted haunted house. Once I found the image I wanted I scaled it down a bit and printed it. I cut the image out with scissors. I placed my “template” over my cheese and using a sharp knife I “traced” it. I put my cheese aside in the fridge and made pizza bagels. This whole process very much reminded me of pumpkin carving!

To make your pizza choose your favorite bagel (gluten-free works here) and slice in half. Cover with pizza sauce and cheese of your choice. My bagel is topped with a slice of provolone. Bake your bagel pizza until the cheese is melted and the bagel starts to crisp. Remove from the oven and let cool. While still hot to warm place your haunted house image on top of your pizza. I added a pepperoni bat for fun (cut with cookie cutter).


  • As you can see in the picture here it is important to choose cheese in different colors so that you have a contrasted image.
  • If you are using just one color cheese bake your bagel without cheese (sauce only). And then add the cheese after removing from oven. Your image will contrast with the sauce.
  • The more “cooled” your bagel pizza is the more your cheese image will retain it’s shape. The trade off is that it won’t melt as much to create one cheesy layer.
  • If you put your cheese image on before baking the pizza it will melt, spread and possibly lose it’s shape altogether!
  • You don’t have to do a haunted house, you can do any image you want! You could even use cookie cutters to cut your cheese!
  • What to do with scraps from your cut cheese image? Eat them, feed them to your kids, feed to your dog, put in a sandwich, OR hide it under the contrasted cheese on your pizza? If it was tucked under my provolone you wouldn’t  know it was there!
  • This would be a fun fun fun make your own pizza night with kids OR make a whole tray of different images for a themed party! You can also use pepperoni and veggies to create additional shapes!

Now for the rest of this lunch… this is otherwise pretty simple! Strawberries, sugar snap peas (I sliced some for affect but skip that to simplify) and pretzel thins. The pizza is on top of some lettuce. Feel free to tuck in some extra food alongside the pizza for heartier appetites or include an extra snack in another container. This lunch is packed in an Easylunchboxes container. I tucked a skeleton cupcake pick in just for fun!



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A Little Batty Lunch with Apple Mango Coleslaw

Monday, October 21st, 2013

batty lunch with apple mango coleslaw 2

Eek my brand new CuteZcute Animal Palz mini sandwich cutter arrived in the mail! I’m very excited! I need to do a deep dive and get you all a full review of this product but I could not resist dipping my toes in for a sneak preview. So although I really wanted to share the idea of a simple apple mango coleslaw today, I just had to press the “bat” cutter into my sandwich to share my enthusiasm! Look for that full review coming soon.

Now apple mango coleslaw, you want to know right?

For me coleslaw is a summer staple. It reminds me of drive up restaurants, the kind that are only open in the summer. You know when you order fried clams or even a big bacon cheeseburger and you get that big spoonful of coleslaw on the side? Some people love it and some hate it! Some coleslaws are creamy and sweet while others are tangy with more of a vinegar taste. Which do you prefer? Too bad it isn’t summer anymore!

I decided to bring coleslaw into fall by adding in the quintessential fall fruit, apples! I didn’t stop there however, I added mango too! This was seriously so easy! I started with a bag of pre-shredded rainbow slaw mix (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and red cabbage). I then added chopped gala apples and chopped mangos both cut matchstick style and dressed it. You can make your own traditional coleslaw dressing, you can use your favorite salad dressing or cheat like I did and use a premixed dressing like Marzetti’s All Natural Slaw Dressing. Do be cautious to have a light hand with the dressing! The end result is so simple, sweet, colorful and delicious! This makes an awesome kid friendly side dish in lunches since the fruit adds a nice sweet punch!

Oh Yeah this apple mango coleslaw recipe is gluten-free (when made with the Marzetti’s All Natural Slaw Dressing (be sure your dressing is gluten-free)!

Packed in an Easylunchboxes container this lunch includes:

Happy hauntings,

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