Lunch 2.0 with Laptop Lunches! {A review}

by on August 13th, 2013
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I have wanted to try a Laptop Lunches Bento Lunch Box for quite some time. I have long admired their beautiful colors over on their website. You see I am an admitted color junky and perhaps I need therapy! Retail therapy that is! So I have acquired myself a new lunch box in some cool shades of blue, green and purple! I have got to be honest, it was hard to choose! These bento boxes come in a stunning array of gorgeous, saturated color! I figured back to school season was a good enough excuse to allow myself to concede to the color temptation and get one!

I chose the Bento Lunch Box 2.0 in Berry Blue. I have 3 boys and 1 girl so I wanted something unisex but it had to appeal to the boys since they will use it most. I think these colors fit that tall order pretty well. When the package arrived on my door step I was pretty excited to see it in person and the color does not disappoint. It’s not all about color though, is it? You may wonder about functionality and practicality, right? Alright, let’s talk a little about that if we must!

These boxes are safe! They are free from lead, BPA, phthalates, and PVC.

These boxes are eco-friendly! They are recyclable and reusable! You can also reduce waste by not using plastic baggies, cling wraps and foil!

These boxes are cost effective! What you invest in purchasing you will recoup in no time! Packing instead of buying out or at school SAVES! Stop buying expensive individual servings for lunch packing and use the portionable containers instead!

These boxes are easy to clean! You guessed it, dishwasher safe!

These boxes are very configurable! Some of the compartments are lidded allowing you to keep your leak-ables safe. You can remove heat up items easily for microwaving! You can keep food separated for picky eaters! You can change how the box looks – just for fun!

These boxes have the cool factor! Colorful, configurable with even space for utensils and cloth napkins. They are cool to see, cool to hold and cool to use! Not to mention there is an excellent selection of cool lunch bags available to suit your kiddo’s personality!


laptop lunches review


As you can see there are so many good features about this lunch box and I know I will use it often! A couple of things to consider when buying.

  • The outside box is a unique size at 9″ x 7″ x 2.25″ and does not fit into just any lunch bag. If you buy the Laptop Lunches cooler or a larger cooler this will NOT be an issue for you. I did not purchase the bag but surely will go back and do so.
  • The smaller lidded containers can be a challenge to open for little ones. Laptop Lunches does recommend putting a small amount of olive oil on the inside of the lid ridge to make this easier! Note you do not have to use the lids if your items are not leak-able! This is NOT an issue for me since my littles ones have teacher assistance at school.
  • There are a lot of components to the box and I could see a busy family losing track of some small items. Luckily Laptop Lunches DOES sell extras and replacements so no worries! Actually this allows you to expand your color choices OR have extras if no one did the dishes… hmmm but that never happens, right?


Now let’s talk about the lunches…

Lunch #1 (pictured at top) contains: 

  • Cucumbers, red & yellow peppers
  • Ranch dressing in small container as veggie dip
  • strawberries and blackberries
  • peanut butter sandwiches
  • Pirate Brand Original Tings


Lunch #2 (pictured above) contains:

  • Roasted veggies (carrots, zucchini, asparagus)
  • Red grapes
  • BBQ chicken spinach salad
  • Ranch dressing for salad
  • Sweet potato sticks

Looking for more lunch inspiration? Laptop Lunches will help you with that too! With menu ideas, recipes, Pinterest board inspiration and more you will never be at a loss in how to fill these boxes! Also check them out on Facebook to stay on top of the latest and greatest Laptop Lunches news or sign up for their newsletter!



Want to buy one? Product used in this post is available here! (This is an Amazon affiliate link and I may receive a commission on any items purchased).

Disclosure: I am not a Laptop Lunches affiliate and I did not receive compensation for this review. Laptop Lunches did however let me purchase this box at a discounted rate. All opinions express are my own.

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