Gluten-Free Friday 7/13/13

by on July 12th, 2013
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gluten-free friday 7-12-13 b

Today is the long awaited return of Gluten-Free Friday! Yay! Well I hope somebody was waiting? Anybody? It has been awhile since my last gluten-free post but my journey with my 2 year old son Evan continues. At this point I actually find it pretty easy to feed Evan gluten-free from home and it doesn’t really require much thought. It is when we go out that it is difficult! We rarely just pop by anywhere for a quick bite since there are still many restaurants who don’t even know what gluten-free is never mind understand cross contamination. There are however a few exceptions.


So what does this mean? It means that I must research eating establishments on line before we go. It means before we go on vacation I have contacted local ice cream shops and restaurants near our vacation rental to know the “safe” places in advance. Well and believe it or not, there is an “app for that”, actually there are many. It means I stuff my handbag full of gluten-free snacks just in case it doesn’t pan out. We get by. Honestly it is a good way to stick to vows of eating at home more often which also means I have learned to make a lot of favorite foods at home to be certain they are safe. I can now make homemade ice cream like nobody’s business!


Does it always work out? No, we have unfortunately “glutened” Evan, accidentally of course. We can usually tell, he doesn’t sleep as well, he doesn’t behave the same and his digestive system will be off for hours or even days. We are doing our best. It is a learning process and you do grow accustomed to it! At a high level that is our progress to date (5-6 months in to gluten elimination)! Lots of success and some frustration!

Now on to lunch!

Here are examples of some lunches I have packed for Evan this week:

gluten free toddler tues b

  • Perdue Simply Smart Gluten-Free Chicken Tenders (packed frozen, they are fully cooked and defrost by lunch)
  • Cheese Stick
  • Carrot chips (cooked)
  • Rainier Cherries
  • Red Grapes

 gluten free toddler lunch b

  • Perdue Chicken Shortcuts
  • Red Grapes
  • Pirate Brands Original Tings
  • Cucumbers

gluten-free bagel pizzab

  • Gluten-free Chex Mix topped with 3 gluten-free Annie’s GingerSnap bunnies
  • Blueberries
  • Bagel pizza made with an Udi’s bagel

All lunches shown on today’s post are packed in Lunchbots (affiliate link) containers.



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  • I, for one, was very excited to see the return of “Gluten Free Friday”! I’ve just gotta say Deb, without sounding corny, how proud I am for you taking on this new lifestyle. As you know, I *have* to eat Gluten Free, as does the rest of my family, and I know the commitment it takes to make safe meals for your little Evan. I also understand the challenges of eating out. I think it’s really great that you shared your experience on that, especially for those considering making the change as well and/or those that have children with special needs like us.

    BRAVO! Keep up the great ideas! I know you are helping a lot of other mamas out there, especially when tackling school lunch ideas! I’m totally trying your GF Chicken Tenders, btw! Can’t wait! xo

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