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Again? 2 days – 2 lunches

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

2 chicken lunches

In New England central air conditioning is not a given. Contrary to what you might think our summers are hot! Really hot! At my house we simply have the air conditioners that you put in the bedroom windows. This does allow us to sleep in comfort. There is very little chance however that when the thermometer reads over 90 that I am cooking in the oven! No way! So instead we turn to the grill, a salad, the occasional take-out order or pick up a precooked rotisserie chicken. In one sitting my family will often eat everything on a rotisserie chicken but the leg and thigh which I save for lunches. I can pack one for my husband and one for myself or spread it out. In this case, I also had leftover pasta and meatballs so my husband had those and I took the chicken (I’ll be honest because it is a lower calorie option than the meatballs and pasta)!

chicken leftover lunch 1


Day one – On the first day I served my leftover rotisserie chicken with mashed potatoes (also leftover). On the side I had naval orange slices, cherries, raw snap peas, raw carrots and raw red pepper strips. The portion of mashed potatoes is relatively small (1/2 cup) as I measured for calorie counting. This meal cries out for corn-on-the-cob but I didn’t have any! Since I had no meal veggie, I went with a variety of fruits and veggies on the side as opposed to another snack option!


chicken leftovers 2


Day two –  The second time around I went with leftover grilled cauliflower with my chicken. Since the cauliflower was spray with cooking spray and seasoned (chili powder, garlic powder, italian seasoning, salt & pepper) it is a much lower calorie option then the mashed potatoes. This meant I could have a much bigger serving (about 1 cup here). On the side I served cucumber slices, red grapes and popcorn chips.

So even though the chicken was basically the same, eating it two days in a row still offered me a variety. I simply just mixed up what I offered it with. The bright colors of my fresh fruits and veggies also really appealed to me! I just love bright colors!




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