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by on June 25th, 2013
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I want to be healthy! I try to be diligent about it. I TRY to be mostly artificial free, mostly organic, and mostly Non-GMO! For my 2 year old son Evan I even try to be gluten-free (he is, I just try)! I put a fair amount of effort into it all! The one thing I haven’t really tried to do though is count calories, not until recently that is! I never really gave much thought to calories in and calories out. So I have added this to my healthy checklist! I am in my 40s and have 4 children, 2 of them under the age of 4, and I want to be around a long time to enjoy them! Maintaining a healthy body weight therefore has to be important to me too!

I don’t want to be hungry all day though! Oh no! My life is chaos and I need to stay focused! Hunger is distracting and OK I fess up, hunger also makes me cranky! Lately I have tried to put together lunches that will give me big portions for less calories. I also try to give myself variety so I have the option of eating a few items as a snack if hunger strikes before lunch hour! I do this by mixing in a portion of fresh fruits and veggies that is 1/2 or more of my total lunch!

Here is an example in my lunch today:

calorie counted

This lunch in total was under 450 calories! Believe me, this lunch was very filling! Don’t you think it looks filling? Some would argue that fruits and veggies are not filling enough. There are always some who will argue! I say if you are drinking water and eating smaller portions through out the day you should be fine. That being said if you need more then simply make some adjustments. You could always swap out the mango for pretzels, popcorn or crackers! You could toss in a Babybel Cheese! Definitely adjust and do consider what the proper calorie intake is for you! My Easylunchboxes container always makes it easy to control portions and add variety that appeals to my eyes and stomach! I have to admit I am excited to open my lunch on my lunch hour! I follow up lunch with a walk or jog and then back to work!

I am not a fitness expert but 8 weeks in to my consideration of calories in and calories out, I find myself down 12 pounds. To me that is 12 pounds healthier…. check!



Note: Calories are estimated. Do consider consulting your doctor before starting a diet and exercise regimen!

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