How Does Your Garden Grow?

by on June 27th, 2013
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Inspiration is everywhere? It is in your everyday! Sometimes we are just not in the mindset to see it or feel it. I admit to feeling somewhat “meh” lately. I haven’t felt my creative mojo flowing. I have certainly seen some pretty inspiring things lately but nothing has really kick started my creativity. Maybe I have been looking too hard or maybe I’m just exhausted! Sometimes though inspiration just sneaks up on you when you don’t expect it and you feel it, even if just for a moment.

As you may know I work full-time. You probably don’t know that my office has a fabulous receptionist (why would you know that lol?). She is the friendly, competent kind who is always willing to help someone and ready with a quick compliment to lift you when you need it. She is always creating activities to bolster moral and keep my colleagues and I invested in interacting with each other. Recently she challenged us all with a “How does your garden grow?” photo exhibit. That is, she asked us to bring in our personal photos to be displayed in the company cafeteria in the theme of things that grow in nature (it’s open for interpretation).

So I suppose about now you are thinking “what does this have to do with lunch”? Ha! Well, today’s lunch was inspired by the “How does your garden grow” theme. You see her theme got me interested. I actually went through my personal photos and remembered once again how much I love to take photos. I remembered why I stop and take pictures every single day of my life. I remembered that inspiration really is everywhere in everyday. If she is reading, I thank her for the inspiration!


  • Pretzel thins
  • Naval oranges and blackberries
  • Sugar snap peas and carrot chips
  • Flower sandwiches (turkey with mozzarella)

Sandwich was created using 3 cutters: 1 small flower, 1 small circle, 1 smiley face

This lunch is not gluten-free BUT simply swap the pretzel thins for a gluten free pretzel and the bread for a gluten-free bread. Everything else is gluten-free and these are very easy substitutions to make. Gluten-free bread can sometimes be crumbly but should withstand the flower and circle cutters without issue.

Do note that portions pictured are child sized. If you need more food add more!

Since I pulled together some of my favorite garden type photos I thought I would share one that I submitted to the exhibit! This was taken at the Copley Square Farmer’s Market in Boston.

 copley farmers market



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