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by on February 3rd, 2013
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February 3rd is International Fake Mustache Day! Ha! Sometimes I feel there is a celebration day for near everything! It’s all in good fun so I’ll play along! This day pays tribute to the FAKE mustache, the kind you adhere to or hold up to your face. The kind that has become an international craze! The kind spawning silly photo booth opportunities. The kind adorning coffee mugs, aprons, stationary, t-shirts and other novelty items like food picks ;) ! All this pays tribute to the REAL thing of which there are many varieties! There’s the handlebar mustache, the Fu Manchu, the “Dali”, the Pancho Villa and the Walrus to name a few. Some we think of as Italian, English, Mexican or French. Some we associate with cowboys, truckers or old time horror movie actors. Mustaches can also instantly bring us back in time to the Victorian age or even to to the nearer past, the 1970s. All of this from some facial hair. No wonder the world has made the fake mustache it’s latest fad!

With so many types of mustaches it took me awhile to circle around to the type of mustache I wanted to pay homage to! At last I have decided! The lunch I have packed is a tribute to cowboy mustaches! Admittedly I am more celebrating the mustache itself rather then reveling in the “fakeness” factor but I think it works! I have built my lunch packed in an Easylunchboxes container in a Western theme complete with:

  • A ten gallon hat sandwich with fruit leather band and 2 peanut butter stars tucked behind
  • Trader Joe’s Veggie Sticks with a cowboy boot kicking around
  • Blueberries on 2 mustache food picks (fake ones I assure you ha)
  • A cactus sunrise with Cara cara orange slices, blueberries and a cactus cut from cucumber
  • Peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe’s with a cactus food pick tucked in for fun

So I know Brendan , my 10 year old son, will find this lunch fun to see and fun to eat!

I “mustache” you a question? Want to see more mustache fun? Hop along over to Bento for Kidlet to see what they have come up with for International Fake Mustache Day! Or click the image below!


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