Fast, Fresh and Friendly Skies?

by on February 25th, 2013
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Yes, that is a wacky title but my Monday got off to a rough start and I am ready for it to be over! Haha! The day draws near an end for me now but before it does let me see if I can make sense of that title for you! ;)

I was away this past weekend for a lovely Catholic Woman’s Retreat (to all my friends new and old it was such a pleasure to spend time with you all)!  I returned home yesterday making a tense 60 minute drive during a New England snow storm. I was delighted to make it home safely and to see my family! As the snow continued to fall making the roads still dangerous I decided to forgo grocery shopping. This combination of being away and no grocery store trip made for a disorganized Monday kick off! I woke up and realized that I didn’t have proper laundry or proper food. Honestly life is so much easier when you prep the night before (lunch, cloths etc) but I just wasn’t ready to let go of thet relaxed feeling from the retreat!  Instead I had a harsh cold morning and was late, late, late! Ugh!

Since I was late I had to come up with something fast! No way around it, no matter how late and how disorganized I have to pack lunch for my preschoolers! Lunch is not provided by the preschool so this is something I cannot forgo! If I am packing lunch for 2 then I may as well pack all the lunches. A small break was that the older kids are on school vacation and I didn’t have to pack lunch for them! So 4 lunches it was! Evan’s lunch will not be pictured on this post (come back Friday when I discuss Evan’s gluten-free lunches)!

Trevor’s lunch today (pictured above) was packed in a Lunchbots Duo and contained:

  • Mango and strawberries
  • Trader Joe’s Cheddar Rockets
  • A cheese stick
  • A sandwich stamped with a cloud and airplane (hence my friendly skies).

To be honest Trevor wanted a rocket but I was just too disorganized to make that happen so this was a more simple compromise! Since I do not have a rocket cutter or stamp I would have had to think hard to put together a rocket! That wasn’t happening today! I think he was OK with the compromise! The outside circle shape was cut with a biscuit cutter. The cutter just happened to still be on the drying rack and easy to access! I did sneak in the cheddar rockets so there, Trevor did get his rocket!

Even though I didn’t get to the grocery store I still had some fesh produce that needed to be used up from last week. Since I was cutting strawberries and mango for Trevor’s lunch I decided to put that in the 2 identical lunches I made for my husband and myself. Strawberries and mangos are a great colorful and tasty combination! Yum! Our lunches were packed in Easylunchboxes containers and contained:

  • Strawberries & mangos
  • Trader Joe’s Edamame Crackers and Naturebox Nature’s Bounty mix
  • 1/2 of a corned beef sandwich (1 sandwich made and half put in each lunch)
  • Carrots & snap peas also leftover from last week (Greek yogurt veggie dip in small container)



I hope I managed to make sense out of that title! I am glad Monday is over and I hope your day kicked off a little smoother than mine!


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