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by on January 8th, 2013
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Although New England is expecting some warmer weather this week (in the 40s), we still currently have plenty of snow on the ground thanks to some late December storms. Around the holidays, we were hit with snowfalls producing the kind of white stuff that makes you want to go sledding and build a snowman! How can you resist? My 2 oldest children on one of those snowy holiday vacation nights were just itching to pile on layers of clothes and trek out to our own personal backyard winter wonderland to build a snowman.

Yesterday I made lunches for my boys with their own personal snowman, built by Mom. For all the tools I have at my disposal in the kitchen, sometimes simple ones just work best! I merely used a round biscuit cutter and a straw! I used the biscuit cutter to cut 2 circles for my sandwich shape. I then used my straw to drill snowman eyes and a mouth. I put my spread in my sandwich and assembled it. To dress up it up I cut a nose out of crust and using a mini cookie cutter, a snow hat out of the heel of the loaf. I adhered both pieces using the sandwich spread. A small piece of carrot for the nose would have worked quite well too but I had none on hand! I did happen to own the hat cutter but you could use a small circle cutter, cut the circle in half and adhere a raisin or mini marshmallow to the top as the pompon.

To finish this lunch served in a Lunchbots Duo container, I added fresh grape tomatoes, blueberries, cheese stick bites and cheddar puffs (purchased at Trader Joes’s). I made a very similar lunch for both Brendan (age 10) and Trevor (age 3). I just made a few changes to suit each boy but they got the same sandwich, both got cheddar puffs and both got blueberries. The more similar I can make them the more efficient it is!







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