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by on November 21st, 2012
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At last 4 days of rest is near! You won’t be seeing too many lunches over the next few days as my family enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday. Today felt like sort of a precursor to the holiday and I wasn’t in the true spirit of lunch packing. My boys did still need to eat however. Now I have been told that what is simple to some may not really be so simple to all but I promise you this really was.

I popped my Lunchbots Uno and my Lunchbots Duo on the counter. I took out one cucumber and one clementine orange. I grabbed one loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. OK yes, I did grab some cutters too! I peeled the orange and then pulled it apart into halves (one for each box). I sliced and added some details to my cucumbers and added those to each box. I then cut out 2 star shapes for Brendan’s sandwich and added peanut butter – sandwich done. I pulled out my CuteZcute cutter and allowed Trevor to pick which face he wanted (there are 4 choices but the panda it was) and then I added peanut butter – sandwich done. Finally I tossed in Popcorners for Brendan and pretzels for Trevor. Both lunches done in minutes! I did throw in a couple of panda food picks to decorate Trevor’s lunch. I had them handy so why not?


I assure you it took me longer to edit these photos then to make these lunches lol!




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  • Happy Thanksgiving! Those are simply delicious looking…love how you did the cucumbers. I just got the CuteZCute cutters in the mail, can hardly wait to try them. :)

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