Short of the Goal Line…

by on November 14th, 2012
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Today I had a great vision to build a really cool football themed lunch for my son Brendan. I hoped I would score a touchdown but maybe ended up kicking the field goal instead! I am slightly disappointed but I ran out of time so had to settle! I think that Brendan will appreciate my efforts none-the-less.

The elements I really wanted were:

  • A football jersey, which I did achieve! The number 10 is the age of my son Brendan! Maybe I could have added some stripes at the shoulders and used a darker bread.
  • A Goal line. I ran out of time and didn’t line the carrots straight across the slender compartment of my Lunchbots Trio. I could have lined the grapes and carrots up perfectly! Alas it didn’t occur to me until the last moment when time was up! I should have spiked the ball to stop the clock lol!
  • A football. I totally missed this! I was wishing I had a football food pick but if I had thought hard I would have just used a Ritz Cracker with the football on it. It would have been so easy to put on top of the Annie’s Homegrown Party Mix under the Trader Joes Yogurt Covered Stars!
  • Green turf. All I had to do was put some lettuce under the jersey sandwich to give that hint of turf. If only I could start over but the drive is done and I have turn over the ball, well the lunch! lol

Ultimately I achieved what it is I want in all lunches. Something that will be eaten and contains; fruits, veggies, protein and grains! So although I missed the goal line, I think I still scored some big points for mommy effort! So in the spirit of the game I have called my lunch first and ten. I still have 3 more shots at it, right?

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