Let it Snow…

by on November 26th, 2012
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With Thanksgiving behind us I think many folks have now turned their full attention to the Christmas holiday. With all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions streaming through my social media I know at least from a shopping perspective it sure has! Rumor has it that tomorrow  it may even snow here in New England. Nothing like a snowy winter wonderland to make visions of Christmas dance in your head. That considered I decided it was therefore okay to start with the winter and Christmas themed lunches! What say you? ;)

Today I created in Brendan’s Lunchbots Trio a very simple snowman! So simple! How simple? Well, I used a biscuit cutter for the circle shape and then a straw for the eyes and mouth. Yes, a regular drinking straw! Just push down into the bread and spin! I then cut a triangle nose out of an orange pepper. I would have used a carrot if I had any! You can adhere small parts with mayo, cream cheese etc. if you want it to stay put. I then topped with a winter hat food/cupcake pick. I think it makes a very believable snowman!

Also in Brendan’s lunch box is a mini organic banana. I cut some of the stem off so it would fit and then made a small slice across the top so he would be able to peel it. I layered pretzel thin chips and broccoli to give sort of a loose interpretation of the rest of the snowman . I then added a snowflake food/cupcake pick and was done!

Honestly you could skip the food picks and I still think it would be an obvious snowman lunch!



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