Gluten-Free Friday 11/2/12

by on November 2nd, 2012
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It is time once again for Gluten-Free Friday! Please note that my family is not gluten-free and these posts are brought to you by request of my friends at House-54 where they are 100% gluten-free, 100% of the time! Check out their blog for more recipes and ideas! I simply hope to inspire some great lunch ideas for my gluten-free friends! Most of my lunches are easily adaptable to be gluten-free but on Fridays I do the work for you! Please seek out House-54 with any questions!

Rather then point out once again all the wonderful gluten-free bread products on the market I thought this week I would take a different approach. I decided to skip the bread and go straight for the lettuce! This week I made lettuce wraps! Why not, fresh veggies, all of them, are naturally gluten-free? I filled my wraps with an easy chicken salad. Yum!

To make the chicken salad I combined diced Perdue Shortcuts cooked chicken, diced red grapes, a spoonful of relish and mayo to taste. Please note that that most but not necessarily all mayo is gluten-free. It is my understanding that the vinegar in some mayo can contain products with gluten. From my searching it appears that Hellman’s Mayo is gluten-free. The relish is a similar situation so double check if you have concerns. Heinz Sweet relish is one that my research shows to be gluten-free. Mix all of these ingredients, taste and alter as necessary.

To make the wrap, take 2 washed outer layers of iceberg lettuce and lay out so they overlap, place your chicken salad at one end. Roll the lettuce around the chicken salad as if rolling up a tortilla or sandwich wrap. Cut your wrap in half and use food picks or toothpicks to secure if necessary. I have added fresh carrot chips, additional red grapes and Snyder’s EatSmart Popped Salt & Vinegar Potato Crisps as snacks. My children LOVE those chips!

Now I am only gluten-free on Fridays but if you are looking for gluten-free lunch ideas 7 days a week, please visit my good friend Keeley over at Keeley McGuire Blog! Gluten free lunches are posted daily! Enjoy! Happy weekend everyone!

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