Football Lunch Take Two!

by on November 19th, 2012
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Last week I made a football lunch for my son Brendan that I wasn’t quite happy with. This week I decided to bring that lunch back (figuratively speaking of course) and try those details again! In case you missed it you can check it out here. There were just a few details that I knew were off even though it was still an enjoyable lunch for my son. I felt that I didn’t capture the green turf of the field and that I failed to include a football anywhere in the lunch itself. I also felt that perhaps the jersey sandwich could use some sprucing up. Of course maybe I’m just picky!

Picky or otherwise I did attempt the same lunch again with improved details. I am much happier with it this time. The green grapes and broccoli give the feeling of the field. I did happen upon some football food picks at the cake decorating store (lucky me) but the Ritz Crackers with the football design probably would have been enough. I also added some stripes on the shoulder of the jersey simply by cutting two extra “number ones” with my mini cookie cutters and then cutting them in half (actually I used o and i letter cutters). You can adhere cheese details to the bread with mayo if you want them to stay put! I do wish I had cut the cheese stick into smaller pieces and placed them in between the grapes and broccoli to look like a longer field instead of a goal line but yes, it is true that sometimes I am picky! ;)



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