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I guess I had pumpkins on the mind because I inadvertently build a lunchbox full of them for my son Brendan today. This past weekend I spent quite a bit of time preparing for my oldest’s 15th birthday (it was today so happy birthday darling baby girl), I contributed over at Stockpiling Moms and quite frankly I watched football with my family! It’s a weakness I know!

Know what that means? I inadvertently didn’t make it to the grocery store. Lucky for me I always have some basic items on hand. Really most of us do without even realizing it! This box is really a great example of being able to create a lunch without buying anything special.

I found:

  • Apples and oranges – they have a fairly long shelf life and are in season right now, good to have on hand…
  • Cucumbers – which are pretty much always in my fridge, great in salads, most kids will eat them and they are super cheap…
  • Cinnamon swirl bread - I had half a loaf in my freezer (I bought it on a whim, a hungry whim and froze half right away)…
  • Cheddar Bunnies – what house with 2 toddlers doesn’t have a cheddar bunny or goldfish on hand?

I then broke out my leaf and pumpkin cookie cutters to jazz it up and added a pumpkin silicone baking cup. Then I realized I had a lunchbox full of fall flavors and well pumpkins-a-plenty! By the way this sandwich is filled with plain old peanut butter but fill with whatever you have and love such as cream cheese with fresh strawberries, lunch meats with cheese, tuna, egg salad etc! I also included a Chobani Champions yogurt for his morning snack and a V8 Fusions Juice Box! By the way, this lunch would still be good if I didn’t break out the cookie cutters. I just couldn’t resist!

This lunch is packed in a Lunchbots Trio.



Products used in this lunch (click picture for more info):

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