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3 for 3 Challenge Live for 10/28!

Sunday, October 28th, 2012



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Gluten-Free Friday 10/26/12

Friday, October 26th, 2012


TGIF, eh my friends? To that end it is time for gluten-free Friday! Once again I want to mention that my family is not gluten-free and these posts are brought to you jointly with House-54 where they are 100% gluten-free! Check out their blog for more recipes and ideas! I simply hope to inspire some great lunch ideas and especially for my gluten-free friends! I think you know most of my lunches are easily adaptable to be gluten-free but on Fridays I’ll do the work for you! Bear with me as I go through this education process and seek out House-54 with any questions!

Today I decided to go with something very simple and very kid friendly. A banana and a hot dog, what could be more kid friendly? I’ll tell you… the Banana Dog!

The folks at the grocery store must certainly think I am kooky by now. Each week I wander around with my iPhone taking pictures of gluten-free products! This week I stumbled up the hot dog rolls. There are several brands available out there so check your local store or order online! The ones I encounter most often are Udi’s and Rudis! I am also noticing that these products tend to be pricey (so sorry my gluten-free friends) so do note that most of these companies carry coupons on their websites or Facebook pages so always check before you go shopping!

  • Take your roll and spread with your favorite peanut butter. Most peanut butters are gluten-free but do check your brand if you have concerns!
  • You can add your banana whole or cut in half as I did!
  • I then grated some Enjoy Life chocolate on the top (just a teeny amount).

You could really have fun with this but I kept it straight forward for simplicity. You could add jelly for “ketchup”, you could cut up kiwi for “relish”, you could add raisins or some gluten-free granola. So many options! Now let’s talk snacks!

This lunch contains:

Also note that you can treat bananas for browning just as you do apples etc. You can use a purchased anti-browning product, or use vitamin C disolved in water, or lemon juice in water etc. I personally do not treat my bananas in sandwiches as in the short time between preparing in the morning and the school lunch time itself, I do not find that the banana degrades that much. Try and decide for yourself! :)

I hope you enjoyed today’s gluten-free Friday and tune in next week when I’ll be back at it again! Today’s lunch was featured in an Easy Lunch Box!



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A Little Inspiration…

Thursday, October 25th, 2012


Even if you have a blog devoted to packing lunch sometimes you still need a little inspiration. I decided I would reach into a something I had looked at and downloaded some time ago, a Momables menu plan.

What is that you may ask? Exactly how does it work?

Each Friday a new weekly menu plan and a shopping list will be available to paid subscribers.  You log in,  print it, shop, and prepare! It’s that easy.  All of our recipes have photos of the homemade lunch showing you what the meal will look like ­— something we parents love.  Most of the recipes you’ll make ahead of time saving precious time in the morning. There are no special gadgets needed to make your kid’s lunch, no hard-to-find ingredients, no processed food and no lengthy recipes.  MOMables™ is all about uncomplicated yet good food for your kids.  In nearly all recipes, you’ll be able to swap ingredients to accommodate for food allergies and ultra-picky eaters.  Unlike store-bought lunches, MOMables™ recipes provide kid-sized portions you can adjust based on your child’s eating needs.

I liked what I was reading so I signed up for the newsletter and received a free download of a one week menu. You can sign up here. At the time although I was interested I decided I was content with my own creativity. There are many a day, however, that I just wish someone would tell me what to make for lunch. That, my friends, is exactly what Momables does. What to make, how to make it and a list of what to buy.

So today I reached into that sample menu plan I downloaded and pulled out the potsticker lunch. The Momables menus are actually aimed for feeding your children but they are easily adjustable for adults and that is exactly what I did today. I purchased the frozen all natural potstickers and prepared last evening as instructed on the package. I also made the sauce recipe suggested in the menu plan as a dip last evening, easy peasy! This morning I just tossed them in the Easy Lunch Box container with some raw broccoli. I completed with a clementine orange, some grapes, a Babybel cheese and some pretzels.

Both my husband and I ate the potstickers cold as would be typical for a school lunch. For me I found the sauce had a tad too much vinegar (easily adjustable) but my husband thought it was perfect as is. His words to me were “the potstickers ruled”. The jury is in and a verdict was reached, we will most definitely have these again and I’ll try it out on the kids too!

Note that this opinion was not sought and I did not receive any compensation! Opinion expressed is my wholly my own! To be honest, I just wanted to try it for… a little inspiration!


For Brendan’s lunch today I merely sought inspiration of the season, FALL! His lunch was served in a Lunchbots Trio and contained:

  • A peanut butter sandwich cut into a pumpkin shape with a leaf food pick.
  • Cucumbers cut into acorn shapes.
  • Grapes with a couple of smiley acorn food picks thrown in.
  • Cinnamon and flax seed coated walnuts.
  • Snikiddy Baked Fries Snack.





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