Wanted: A Better Snack… (A Product Review)

by on September 29th, 2012
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A Way Better Snack.

OK maybe that isn’t the cleverest of titles but I think you’re with me, right? We are a nation of snackers in search of something better to feed our cravings. A few months ago I found that very thing! A Way Better Snack!

Back in June, my youngest child went through a brief hospitalization (don’t worry he’s fine now I promise). While stuck in the hospital 24/7 over several days I was often forced to eat food from the cafeteria. I am obviously a big lunch packer and a home cook so eating hospital cafeteria food was not very appealing to me! Scanning through the selection of munchies offered I came across a bag of Simply Sweeet Potato tortilla chips. I had to try them and I don’t regret it! They are incredible! A naturally sweet, lightly salty chip, yum! It certainly left an impression on me and I began to pick up a bag on each of my visits to the cafeteria.

My family loves a crunchy snack and I am always searching for something to replace the standby traditional potato chip. On my next trip to the local grocery store I was determined to pick up a bag of Way Better Snacks for my family but to my dismay they were not there! Oh no! I certainly wasn’t going back to the hospital cafeteria! Lucky for me a mere week or two later a Fresh Market opened in our community. I made a beeline to the opening and sure enough my Way Better Snacks was there! Hurrah! My family instantly loved them as much as I do! My one complaint? I NEED a bigger bag! I have a big family!



What is way better about these snacks you may ask? Let me break it down for you!


Way Better Snacks are yummy! Trust me! Go try them! They are great with salsa, guacamole and dip or also great just eaten alone as is!


They have a great selection!  Simply Sunny Multi-Grain, Simply Beyond Black Bean, Simply Sweeet Potato, Simply Naked No Salt Blues, Simply So Sweet Chili, Simply Unbeatable Blues.

All Natural

Never contains Trans Fat, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


They are sprouted! Sprouting is the practice of germinating seeds to be eaten either raw or cooked. Why does that matter? Sprouting has been known to enhance the bio-availability of nutrients and aid in digestion!


What does that mean? No “Genetically Modified Organisms” are in this product! That’s Verified!

Not to Mention

Vegan, Certified Gluten Free, Certified Kosher, Excellent Source of Whole Grains, Low Sodium

Click image below for more nutritional information!


Now you’re probably wondering… where can I get them? Head on over to Way Better Snacks to find a retailer in your area or to buy online! You can also find Way Better Snacks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


So here is the real question, how do they look in lunch? Well here you go:


All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I was not compensated for this post but did receive complimentary product to assist me in giving an assessment. Thank you! Enjoy!



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