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by on September 28th, 2012
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I am very honored to be amongst the first to get one of these new cutting tools. The CuteZcute! Within an hour of receiving my package I was in the kitchen checking it out. In the matter of minutes I whipped out a simple panda pizza for my little guy Trevor! Isn’t it cute? I used the CuteZCute to cut a panda face out of mozzarella cheese! That pizza sauce, by the way, is loaded with pureed carrots!



I have to tell you I accomplished this task without even a glance at the instructions. OK I know my way around a sandwich cutter but I’m telling you this one is sooooo easy to use! There is one main outside cutter that makes the basic shape and then 4 plates that you can use inside the cutter to make different faces: panda, pig, cat and a frog! There is even a little tool to help you push the smaller pieces out!


After a little more thought I created my frog lunch pictured at the top of the post above. I feel like a rockstar lunch packer after creating this one but it was so easy I almost feel guilty accepting compliments! It was this simple:

  • I cut out the bottom piece (I use Pepperidge Farms Whole Grain or Wheat in case you ever wonder). Tip: Use a cutting board underneath!
  • I cut out the top piece in the same way but this time inserted and pressed down firmly on the frog face plate.
  • I used the provided assist tool to push out the small cut out pieces.
  • I spread the bread with Fluff, Peanut butter and a smidge of Nutella. I was artistic but you don’t have to be!
  • I topped with the face.
  • I cut a raisin in half and inserted in to the eyes.
  • Then for fun, I used an Archer Farms All Natural Fruit Peel along with a paring knife to create a tongue to catch those raisin flies! Easy right?


I can’t wait to think of more cute foods to create! In case I (or you) need more inspiration, check these out:

Are you ready to give it a try? Wait, are you concerned about those small pieces left behind? Don’t worry, just bag them up and try some of these creative ways to use the scraps the next day! Click on the photo to link off site to the instructions!

If I haven’t answered all of your questions then connect with CuteZcute on Facebook! Now I hope you’ll go make my frog or something really great of your own!

If you are on Instagram you can tag your photos #ipacklunch for me to see!



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