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by on September 19th, 2012
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There be treasure to be found… arr….Bento Booty that is!

Today, Sept 19th, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day and in it’s honor a community of bloggers has drawn together in secrecy and created a very special treasure hunt blog hop just for you. Follow the clues one by one as instructed below to find your chance to win the treasure, sponsored generously by Bento USA and participating blogs.

Every blog in this here hop has a piece of the treasure map to the Bento Booty! As ye go through the hop, collect the numbered pieces and put them in the correct order to discover the location URL of where to enter to win! Ye’ll probably need something to write with, because there be 39 scurvy blogs in all to visit, so 39 pieces for ye to collect!

37 pieces will spell the location URL, and 2 bonus pieces with words on them which when entered will get you 2 entries to win! When you have returned to this blog (or where ever you started) you are ready to solve your clues! Good luck to ye!

First Mateys there is the small matter of lunch…

For me young son I have created a lunch in an Easylunchboxes container celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day…

  • For starters, I made a sandwich skull and crossbones using cookie cutters (Wilton Skull & Wilton Dogbone).
  • The sandwich is placed over pretzel sticks to create a “wooden” backdrop.
  • I then layered some mango with blueberries and topped them with a carrot “X” to mark the spot for my pirate ship pick to set sail.
  • Some giant grape cannons raise up my cheese “Yo Ho” cut with mini letter cookie cutters.
  • Halved cucumbers are home to a parrot pick.




Now off with ya, ye land lubbers and no cheatin’ or ye shall walk the plank… ;) Well ok maybe not the plank but if you don’t follow each and every clue you won’t know where to enter to win…

 Here is ye clue from this here blog…

 Now click the image below (or the link to the right) to continue on to the next blog in the hop: A Boy and His Lunch

Hop ends Sunday, Sept 23rd at midnight!



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