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by on August 21st, 2012
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Deciding what to pack everyday… yes, everyday (except weekends), can be intimidating for me. It’s easy to make the decision to pack lunch but now what the heck am I going to put in there? For me leftovers are good and most of the time I go with that but that doesn’t always work for the kiddos. Sometimes I want the leftovers for dinner the next day and sometimes I don’t have leftovers… so then what? How do I get ideas? How do I get into the lunch groove?

The answer is out there… on the world wide web just waiting to be found. There are so many resources at your fingertips… Pinterest, recipe sites and not to mention blogs. Go check out the blog roll over there on my sidebar to visit some. I know you’ll be impressed and inspired. I am. I lean towards colorful lunches with symmetry and a variety of foods to keep it interesting. Many people take it to a whole different level creating masterpieces based upon movies, TV shows, books, music and so much more (again go check out that blog roll). I know I have found my groove, it’s developing, ideas are churning in my head, flavor combinations are endlessly floating through my brain and my lunches are changing all the time as a result.

Do you know what your groove is? If not go find it! I do hope, however, that you will start here and of course keep coming back (find that follow button down on the lower right!)!

Speaking of inspiration I was recently very inspired by a rainbow wrap sandwich I saw over on Super Healthy Kids website. I took a stab at making my own version today.

My version is similar but I selected different veggies. You can select whatever you want really! I chose plum tomatoes, carrot slivers, yellow peppers, snap peas and purple cabbage. I also used veggie dip instead of cheese spread because it is what I had. I should have put more filling in but I wanted to make sure it would wrap. Even though I wasn’t completely happy with the execution I was more then thrilled with the taste! It was so good!

Grown Up Lunch of the Day:
1/2 rainbow wrap, ham and cheese kabobs, green bean chips, orange slices, a strawberry and veggie squares crackers.


Toddler Lunch of the Day:
Chocolate chip waffle, cherry tomatoes (from our container garden), mozzarella string cheese bites, cooked carrots and veggie squares crackers


No practice big kid lunches today. Our littlest guy has actually been sick with croup and I didn’t have the extra time today. That’s ok I worked from home this afternoon so was able to handle it!

New snacks today:

Veggie Squares crackers by Cracklesnax – the whole family enjoyed them and if you ask me I get a Munchos potato chip vibe out of them but less salty.

Green Bean chips purchased in the Bulk section of The Fresh Market. Actually we have been eating these for a few weeks and love them, well us adults do. The kids are still coming along on this one lol!


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